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Your guide to buying a bed from the King Living Collection


In your lifetime, you’ll spend approximately 33 years in bed. That’s more than you’ll spend on any other single activity. Researchers have also found that the right sleep environment – including a comfortable bed can help to improve your quality of sleep. 

From hidden storage to smart accessories and masterful design sleep tight with the King Living Bed Collection. In our guide to buying a bed, discover the contemporary style, luxury features and supreme comfort that define the collection.


Featuring the Promenade Soft Storage Bed in Bowen Natural White.


The Promenade Storage Bed easily opens to reveal generous hidden storage.

Storage beds for an organised space 


Clutter in the bedroom has been linked to sleep issues, such as problems with falling asleep or disrupted sleep patterns. Storage beds help to minimise clutter in the bedroom, aiding with quality sleep. But which storage bed is best? 

Two popular storage beds in the King Living Collection are the Promenade Storage Bed and Serenade Storage Bed. Both feature a unique gas lift system that opens up to generous hidden storage and also configures into a raised position to easily make the bed. The mattress is supported by the signature King Living engineered steel frame for supreme comfort and lasting performance. 

Both these storage beds are available with either a low or high bedhead. Promenade has a contemporary silhouette and crisp tailoring with a soft base and bedhead. Serenade offers a luxe tufted bedhead and a choice of timber or soft base.


Featuring the Serenade Soft Storage Bed in Bowen Natural White.

Modern luxury with smart accessories  


Buying a bed with King Living gives you the opportunity to include a range of Smart Accessories in your bedroom. Compatible with select beds, Smart Accessories save space while putting convenience at your fingertips with Smart Swivel Tables for wireless charging and gesture-controlled Lume Smart Lights. Beds compatible with Smart Accessories include Jasper, Neo, Bellaire and Encore.


Featuring the Neo Bed is Prestige Saddle Leather, Lume Smart Light and Round Tray Table in Carrara Marble.


The low line Neo Bed is refined, sophisticated and impeccably tailored. With a plush twin bedhead, the slimline KingSleep base offers edge to edge mattress support. The rounded bed base sits atop sculpted hardwood legs for a sleek aesthetic.


Featuring the Bellaire Bed in Ashton Seamist & Prestige Dapple Leather and Lume Smart Light.


Similarly streamlined, the Bellaire Bed has a floating design that sits off the ground for easy cleaning. The luxurious bedhead is the hero of the bed, a standout feature against the low profile of the KingSleep base. 


Featuring the Encore Bed in Richmond Tobacco.


The bedhead of the Encore Bed is luxuriously box tufted with rounded contours for a refined take on minimalist design. The cushioned bedhead also provides comfort for lounging or reading in bed, while the KingSleep base provides engineered support.


Featuring the Jasper Bed in Whiteley Riverstone.

Grand design to make a statement


Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom and can help to set the tone and ambiance of the room. If you’re choosing a bed as a statement piece, opt for grand design, with distinctive features that reflect your personal style. 

The Jasper Bed is masterfully designed with a contemporary profile and base that serves to hero the bed in the space. Jasper is also a storage bed with the same easy-lift gas struts as the Promenade and Serenade storage beds. Compatible with Smart Accessories, Jasper features timber shelving with optional wireless charging integrated into the bed base.


Featuring the Adelaide Four Poster Bed in American Walnut.


Graceful and visually warm, the Adelaide Four Poster Bed features a minimal silhouette with rounded edges. The four poster frame is engineered from aluminium for strength and durability, and wrapped in premium timber veneer for a classic aesthetic. The optional Breeze Canopy mosquito net adds a beautiful ethereal look to the bed.


Featuring the Promenade Storage Bed and Sleep+ Mattress.

Simplicity and sophistication for sweet dreams


If you prefer an ensemble bed for a simple and sophisticated bedroom style, the Sleep+ Bed is a streamlined and elegant choice. With a convenient dual design for simple transport, the Sleep+ Bed Base offers unmatched support thanks to the signature King Living steel frame. Pair with the high, tufted Sleep+ Bed Head for a luxurious tailored finish. 

Buying a bed isn’t just about the frame. A comfortable and supportive mattress is also key to a good night’s sleep. The revolutionary Sleep+ Mattress is the perfect companion to any bed from the King Living Collection. It’s easily customised to your preferences, with temperature-regulating Fit Covers and interchangeable Comfort Layers.


Featuring the Jasper Bed in Whiteley Riverstone.

Sleep well with King Living


Which bed is best for you will be determined by your unique preferences. Every bed in the King Living Collection can be customised in a range of premium fabrics and European leathers, with signature timber veneer finishes for select beds. 

Discover the complete Bedroom Collection, including beds, mattresses and bedside tables to help you create the perfect sleep space.


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