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Which Sleep+ Mattress is right for you?

We spend a third of our lives asleep or at least attempting to. 

According to research, more than 40% of the population regularly experiences inadequate sleep1. Fortunately, one of the simplest solutions for a good night's sleep is a comfortable mattress2. 

Unfortunately, buying a mattress can be overwhelming. Many of us hold off on buying a new mattress because we don't want to make a mistake, don't know what firmness or material we like, or have different comfort preferences from our partners.  

This is why KING crafts customisable modular mattresses. Drawing from our years of experience in crafting innovative modular sofas, our Sleep+ Mattresses adjust to suit your comfort and support needs. 

After reading this article, you will know if a Sleep+ Mattress is right for you, which design will best suit your needs, and discover how to customise your mattress with our range of Comfort Layers and Fit Cover Layers. 


The Sleep+ Difference


Before deciding which Sleep+ Mattress is right for you, it can help to understand how the Sleep+ Mattress Collection delivers unrivalled customisation and optimal comfort and support. 



All our Comfort Layers are perforated allowing maximum airflow and breathability. A design choice that regulates the temperature of the sleep surface by drawing excess heat away from the body. 

Additionally, the pocket springs are divided into soft and firm zones to intuitively respond to your body’s weight and shape to maximise pressure relief. 


Paired with the Bellaire Bed, the Sleep+ Mattress features customisable Comfort Layers and machine washable Fit Covers. 


How you can customise your Sleep+ Mattress


Understanding how you can customise your Sleep+ Mattress will further help you decide which mattress is right for you.  

Every Sleep+ Mattress is modular. But, what does this mean? 

Modular mattresses are engineered with various customisable layers and segments, allowing you to tailor the support and comfort level of your mattress. The Sleep+ Mattress Collection features adjustable Comfort Layers and optional Fit Covers, which can be flipped or changed to suit your lifestyle or comfort preferences. 

Available in four premium options, Comfort Layers promote maximum airflow and breathability for tailored support and a better night's sleep. The dual-sided design offers soft support on the white side and firmer support on the reversed grey side.  



The three Fit Cover options are removable and interchangeable to suit the changing seasons and your preferences. Crafted from breathable fabric and engineered to regulate temperature, Fit Covers help you to stay comfortable all year around. 



The AirFit® layer comes with every Sleep+ Mattress while the CoolFit® and WarmFit® Covers are optional. 


Choosing the right Sleep+ Mattress


A Sleep+ Mattress is not a standard mattress, it is a superior modular sleep system customised by you, which can adapt with you for better sleep quality and personalised comfort. 

As the seasons change and as we age, our comfort preferences and needs often change. With the flexibility to adjust your mattress to suit your changing needs, a Sleep+ Mattress is for life.  

There are four mattresses available in the Sleep+ Mattress Collection. 


The KING Bedroom Collection features the Sleep+ Mattress and a curated collection of beds including Jasper, featured above in Whiteley Riverstone. 


Sleep+ Mattress 9008


Designed to deliver optimal precision support and comfort, the Sleep+ Mattress 9008 features a dual reversible KingCell® Pocket Spring Core Base and 110-millimetre-thick Comfort Layers the thickest in the Sleep+ Mattress Collection. 

The luxurious layers of premium foam and latex deliver maximum pressure relief and provide minimal partner disturbance. With 1674 springs sequenced across the mattresses in soft and firm zones, the Spring Base encourages a neutral spine and intuitively responds to your weight and shape for maximum support and pressure relief. 

With tailored Comfort Layers and optional Fit Covers and FlexMat, the Sleep+ Mattress 9008 beckons you to lie down, relax and sink into customised comfort.  

A Sleep+ Mattress 9008 is 385 millimetres (15.25") thick. 

Available mattress sizes 

  • King  
  • Queen  

Discover the full range of 9008 Mattresses and prices including any sales or promotional offers.  





Sleep+ Mattress 8000


The Sleep+ Mattress 8000 features a 90-millimetre-thick Comfort Layer for pressure relief and minimal partner disturbance.  

The reversible optimal KingCell® Pocket Spring Core Base delivers pressure relief zoning with 837 purposefully sequenced pocket spring coils across the mattress.  

Offering a great level of luxury comfort and support, the Sleep+ Mattress 8000 is a more economical mattress than the Sleep+ Mattress 9008. 

A great alternative for customers who don’t wish to pay as much as the premium Sleep+ Mattress 9008, the Sleep+ Mattress 8000 is customisable with Fit Covers, Comfort Layers and the FlexMat.  

A Sleep+ Mattress 8000 is 320 millimetres (12.5") thick. 

Available mattress sizes and prices: 

  • King  
  • Queen  

Discover the full range of 8000 Mattresses and prices including any sales or promotional offers. 


Crafted for the perfect night's sleep, the Sleep+ Mattress Collection features temperature regulating covers that draw heat away from the body. 


Sleep+ Mattress 6000


Considered the entry-level mattress in the Sleep+ Collection, the Sleep+ Mattress 6000 features a 75-millimetre-thick Comfort Layer and the standard KingCell®  Pocket Spring Core Base. 

While the Sleep+ Mattress 6000 is customisable with the complete range of Fit Covers and Comfort Layers, the sleeker design is firmer than the 8000 and 9008 mattresses.  

More than 800 KingCell® Pocket Coil Springs provide pressure relief zoning to create an almost 'weightless' sleeping experience. While this delivers a high level of comfort, the Sleep+ Mattress 6000 does not offer the same optimal support and comfort as the 8000 or 9008 mattresses. 

Available in various mattress sizes, the Sleep+ Mattress 6000 is suitable for smaller bedrooms and for children and teenagers. 

A Sleep+ Mattress 6000 is 280 millimetres (11.25") thick.  

Available mattress sizes: 

  • King 
  • Queen 
  • Double 
  • King Single 

Explore the complete collection of 6000 Mattresses and prices including any sales or promotional offers. 


The foundation of the Sleep+ Mattress, the KingFlex Base, features a zip allowing to access the removable components for easy cleaning and maintenance


Sleep+ 3000 Mattress


Suitable for a guest bedroom, holiday home or short stays, the Sleep+ 3000 Mattress features an integrated Comfort Layer with dual comfort levels.  

Crafted with gel memory foam, the reversible Comfort Layer offers medium support on one side and firm support on the other. Both sides promote maximum airflow and distribute your weight evenly across the mattress for a comfortable sleeping experience. 

Unlike other mattresses in the Sleep+ Collection, you do not have the flexibility to customise or remove the Comfort Layer, this is an integrated component of the Sleep+ 3000 Mattress. Similarly, this mattress features an integrated Fit Cover, which is removable and machine washable.  

The Sleep+ 3000 Mattress is not customisable with the CoolFit®, WarmFit®, AirFit® Covers. While the Sleep+ 3000 Mattress features a reversible Comfort Layer and the zoned KingCell® Pocket Coil Springs for pressure relief support and comfort, the support and level of personalised comfort is less than other designs in the Sleep+ Collection.  

A Sleep+ 3000 Mattress is 250 millimetre (10") thick.  

Available mattress sizes: 

  • King 
  • Queen 
  • Double 
  • King Single  


The Sleep+ Mattress is paired with the Neo Bed in Prestige Saddle,  Serenade Bedside Tables in Onyx, the Pallino Table Lamp and the Cassia Ottoman. 


Customising your Sleep+ Mattress for the perfect night's sleep


The warning signs of a bad mattress are not always obvious, but if you wake up with aches and pains, toss and turn through the night, or your mattress sags, your mattress is not performing as it should. 

Investing in a quality, comfortable and supportive mattress is one of the simplest ways to promote restful sleep and improve your overall health3. 

With a Sleep+ Mattress, you have complete control of how your mattress will feel and perform. Designed to deliver tailored comfort and support, you have the flexibility to effortlessly change Fit Covers, swap Comfort Layers, or adjust the firmness of your mattress core. 

Now that you know what each Sleep+ Mattress offers and the customisable options, you can decide which mattress is right for you. The next step is to visit your nearest KING Showroom to experience the different Comfort Layers and Fit Covers in person.   

Experiencing the customisable covers and layers in person will allow you to make an informed comparison and truly discover what tailored comfort feels like. 

Creating a comfortable and tranquil space where you can unwind and relax will also help improve your sleep quality.  

If you are still unsure if a Sleep+ Mattress is right for you, you can discover more about the Sleep+ Collection or read our mattress buying guide.