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Design a bedroom sanctuary that's functional all year round


When it comes to making your bedroom a sanctuary, the perfect match is to pair your personal style with functional design.  

As one of the most private rooms in your home, your bedroom is more than just a place to sleep, it’s the space where you can truly relax and truly unwind.  

Your bedroom should be functional all year round and as your sanctuary, should look and feel inviting.  

But, achieving both is not easy. 

As furniture designers we are dedicated to crafting versatile and beautiful furniture, functionality and comfort are at the core of all our designs. We understand the importance of creating a bedroom sanctuary, which is why the KING Sleep Collection is designed to streamline your space for a calm and soothing environment. 

In this article, we ask King Brand Ambassador Neale Whitaker and leading Style Director Kerrie-Ann Jones to share their best tips for creating a relaxing bedroom sanctuary that’s comfortable and functional all year round. 


Use colour to turn your bedroom into a sanctuary


Your bedroom is where you retreat, so the colours you choose should speak to your personal aesthetic. Colour can also influence our mood, so it is important to choose colours that make you feel relaxed and happy  

Kerrie-Ann Jones says choosing a bedroom colour palette is one of the first steps to designing a tranquil and functional bedroom, but there is no one colour that will suit all. She advises selecting colours that are meaningful to you and are already part of your life and personal style. 



“I look at my wardrobe and think about which colours I like to wear and the colours I connect with. That’s a good place to start.” explains Kerrie-Ann.  

“Then you can choose one or two colours and go warmer and or softer within that tonal colour range to create your palette.”   

See how Kerrie-Ann uses layering and colour to bring warmth, function, and comfort to her bedroom. 


Australia's multi award-winning sofaKerrie-Ann relaxes on the Jasper Bed in Positano Sago fabric, which is paired with the Oliver Tub Chair and Issho Side Table in Onyx. 


Kerri-Ann says you can also draw inspiration from the colours in your home, furniture, and artwork. 

"Looking at artwork is another good starting point. You can pick out colours from your favourite artwork on the wall and use that as a palette. Matching the colours makes everything in the room cohesive and feels connected."  


Select furniture that makes your bedroom functional and comfortable


For leading interior design expert and KING Brand Ambassador Neale Whitaker, comfort is a balance between functionality, aesthetics and luxury. 

While comfort is hard to define, for Neale it’s about experiencing well-designed furniture in the perfect location. 

“Above all, the bedroom is a place for sleeping. These days, we’re all familiar with the fact that we spend one-third of our lives asleep. That’s a lot of bedroom time. For me, the perfect bedroom is less about size and more about the ratio of comfort to function and style,” explains Neale. 

“Once you’ve established the basics, think about the functionality – if a walk-in wardrobe isn’t an option, do you at least have space for drawers, cupboards or fitted wardrobes?”  

As Neale highlights, furniture plays a role in creating a functional bedroom that doubles as a sanctuary. And, it’s the versatility and functionality that will help add to the appeal and comfort of the room. 


In Neale's bedroom, the Serenade Storage Bed is layered with various textures and colour to create warmth and depth. 


An important element of creating a bedroom sanctuary is having functional furniture and space to store your items without cluttering the room or compromising your aesthetic. As the seasons change, we typically replace light summer blankets for winter blankets.  

Beds such as the Serenade, Jasper and Promenade provide hidden storage in the bed base — perfect for storing winter blankets, sheets, pillows, and seasonal mattress covers.  


Australia's multi award-winning sofaSerenade Storage Bed as featured in Bowen Natural White and Marion Rug in Sandstone.  


Neale also says to consider the layout of your room and the size of your furniture. 

“It’s important to choose a bed that fits the space comfortably, allowing for wardrobe doors to open and bedside tables and lamps to be accommodated. Nothing will make a bedroom feel less like a sanctuary than a tight squeeze,” said Neale.  


Customisable mattresses with warm and cool layers


A mattress with interchangeable layers and temperature regulating covers is key to designing a functional and comfortable bedroom sanctuary. 

For example, Sleep+ Fit Covers, compatible with the Sleep+ Mattress, can be changed with the seasons to match the climate and your sleep preferences. Each cover is made from luxuriously soft and breathable fabric that adapts to the shape of your body and is engineered to regulate temperature. 

With zips, the covers are easily removable and can be changed or replaced at any time. The three Fit Cover options are: 

  • CoolFit® - draws heat away from the body. 
  • WarmFit® - features an integrated electric blanket. 
  • AirFit® - maximises air circulation for year-round comfort. 


Sleep+ MattressSleep+ Mattress features interchangeable layers and temperature regulating covers for the perfect night’s sleep. 


Create warmth and interest with layers and textures


Creating a space that is warm and cosy is another key step to designing a bedroom sanctuary that’s inviting and comfortable all year long.  

Both Kerrie-Ann and Neale say this is achieved by embracing a plethora of textures to create layers and warmth. Consider placing a rug underneath the bed or using a range of textures in your bedding. 

"Using layers and textures makes a room feel more interesting and homely. It adds personality to a space," Kerrie-Ann explains. "A rug anchors the space. It adds an extra layer and makes the bed feel like this is where it's supposed to be. The room feels more comfortable and luxurious as well,” 

"You can think of it like photography – there is the background, the foreground, and the point of focus. It's the same with layers; it makes a room more appealing when there is depth to the room."   


Jasper BedThe Jasper Bed in Whiteley Riverstone 


While the right rug will anchor a room with harmony and balance, Neale says the wrong rug will create discord. 

“Whether you’re positioning the rugs at the foot of the bed or to the side, always go for the most generous size possible. Small rugs will make your bedroom look small, regardless of its dimensions,” explained Neale. 

Kerrie-Ann says it is equally important to work with your flooring options and know what textures and designs will suit your space.  

"It's best not to lay a rug that has a similar texture to your carpet. Instead, you want to add a new layer and point of interest by choosing a different texture. You will also need to make sure the colour tones feel balanced together." 


Lume Smart Light paired with the Balla Floor Lamp 


Light up your bedroom


No bedroom sanctuary is complete without light, but not just any light fixture or lamp will do. 

Bedroom lighting should be both ambient and functional. The key to correctly lighting a bedroom is using various light sources, including pendant lights, lamps, ceiling fixtures and bedside table lights.  

“Don’t forget bedside lighting – it’s one of those sweet spots where task and mood lighting overlap,” shares Neale. 

“Whether you opt for pendants, wall sconces or lamps, make sure what you’ve chosen does the job you need them to do. That’s usually reading.” 

It is also important to consider the placement of your bed or reading nook in relation to windows and sunlight.  

Kerrie-Ann says bedroom lighting should also create a relaxing environment.  

“It sets the mood. Just before bedtime, if you put on lamps while you read, it signals to your brain that it’s time to relax, and it helps set your mind into that calming space.”   


Jasper Bed shown in Positano Sago Fabric and paired with Monument Side Table and the Pallino Table Lamp in White.


How do I choose a bedroom style?


Mastering personal style is not always easy to achieve but creating a functional bedroom that’s also your sanctuary can be. 

With functional furniture, a customisable bed and a colour palette that speaks to your personal aesthetic, your bedroom will become your perfect sanctuary. 

A sanctuary that is inviting year-round.  

When designing your bedroom sanctuary, remember: 

  • Choose colours that speak to your personal aesthetic  
  • Select furniture that makes your bedroom functional and comfortable  
  • Select a mattress with seasonal covers 
  • Create warmth and interest with layers and textures  
  • Select light fixtures that are both functional and create an ambience 

These are the hallmarks of creating a timeless and functional bedroom sanctuary, but what about the finishing touches and making the space speak to your personal style? 

One way to make your space more unique and speak to your aesthetic is by adding a few personal touches, trinkets and photos. 

Discover more of Neale Whitaker's tips for creating a luxurious bedroom sanctuary. 


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