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KING bed accessories: Streamline your bedroom interior design

Visual clutter can increase stress. You don’t need to go Marie Kondo on your entire bedroom, but removing unnecessary clutter can help your mind to relax before sleep. 

Multifunctional bedroom designs that offer storage and the option to add bed accessories can be a great advantage in creating a streamlined, uncluttered sleep space.  

KING exists to create simplicity in our homes, and this foundation has been an integral part of our furniture designs since our beginnings over 45 years ago. 

In this article, you will learn about the KING bed accessories range, discover which beds are compatible with smart accessories, and decide if bed accessories are right for your needs. 


Why did KING create bed accessories?


Part of the KING vision is to inspire balance in the home and remove the unnecessary to make way for the intentional.  

Visually, we achieve this by creating timeless, understated design that honours simplicity. 

This vision is brought to life through multi-functional designs that can truly streamline interior spaces.   

Our bedroom accessories ideally encompass these design principles by reducing clutter, hiding cords, and doing away with the need for additional furniture items.   


The Jasper Bed in Whiteley Riverstone fabric accessorised with the Lume Light. 


What bed accessories can you choose from?


You can accessorise your KING bed with: 


Bring LED lighting to your bedroom with the Lume Light


Lighting matters in the bedroom. The right lighting can set a calming mood, and dim lighting can signal your brain that it’s time to relax before bed.  

The Lume Light is a touchless gesture-controlled LED light. With 360-degree rotation for lighting adjustment, the head and base can seamlessly move to your desired position.   

The light level memory function will also allow you to set your desired brightness, which is particularly useful to have the option to dim your lights before sleeping.  


Streamline your table needs with a Smart Table


A space that functions well can add to your overall feeling of calm in your bedroom.   

Our Smart Charge Table range makes for a convenient addition with 360-degree rotation and optional wirelessly charging to charge your devices effortlessly.   

Smart Tables come in crescent and circle designs and are available in your choice of timber or marble finish. 


The Neo Bed in Prestige Saddle Leather with a Smart Table in Carrara Marble. 


Which KING beds are compatible with Smart Accessories?


The KING Bedroom collection features four designs that can incorporate bedroom accessories. These include: 

Each bed design has built-in Smart Pockets, which is the unique design feature that enables Smart Accessories to easily connect, and free you from the clutter of cords.  



The Jasper Bed is a true showstopper. 


Jasper Bed


The legendary comfort of the Jasper Sofa translates into the Jasper Bed, providing a grand design that can be customised to create your ideal space for relaxation. 

The Jasper Bed also features under-bed storage and integrated shelving, further streamlining your space, reducing the need for additional tables, and providing extra space ideal for storing seasonal bedding. 


The Neo Bed epitomises modern luxury.


Neo Bed


The Neo Bed features a plush twin bedhead that makes for a perfect backrest for lounging or reading in bed. Combined with the Lume Light and Smart Tables, you will have a supremely comfortable place to relax and read before bed. 


The Encore Bed is your minimalist design answer.


Encore Bed


Defined by rounded contours and a box tufted behead, the Encore Bed enjoys a slimline form that offers a refined take on minimalist design. The generous bedhead offers cushioned support for both lounging and reading in bed to help create your perfect sleep sanctuary. 


The Bellaire Bed features a floating design. 


Bellaire Bed


Bellaire features a streamlined base topped with a luxurious behead. The floating design sits off the ground on its stylised legs, allowing air to circulate while providing easy access for cleaning. The base can also be divided into smaller components for easy transport.


Are bed accessories right for you?


Bedroom accessories give our sleeping spaces so many more benefits than simply the function of the accessory. But are they right for you?  


Upgrade your mattress size


When the need for bedside lights for reading and bedside tables is gone, additional space will be available in your bedroom.  

Many of our customers who choose bed designs with accessories find that the extra space created on either side of the bed allows them to select a larger mattress size.  

Depending on the size of the space you have, this may be a large pro, or it might not be important to you. 


Purchase less furniture


Every item we bring home comes at an additional cost and requires care and space. If you love a minimalistic interior style, you will enjoy being able to do without side tables and create a cohesive, functional space that begins and end with your bedframe design.   

This style won’t suit everyone, and many prefer to add more furniture to their bedroom interior design. Your decision may also come down to the layout and size of your bedroom. 

Smart Tables also won’t give you the option for storage like many bed table designs do. The Jasper Bed does feature integrated storage, which may be enough for you. 

Customise to your preferences


At their core, KING bed accessories are an optional way to customise your bed and space.   

Choosing a bed design that has the option for smart accessories can be great for future-proofing your space. If you move homes and have a smaller room, you might find bed accessories are now needed. KING bed accessories can be purchased and added at any time. 

For those who don’t read in bed or who already have lamps, an additional Lume Light may not be relevant to you. Similarly, if you already own a side-table you love, Smart Tables might not be for you.   


KING Bed Accessories can streamline your sleeping space. 


It's time to accessorise your KING bed


Creating a beautiful sleep space, a place to dream and re-energise, can lead to better sleep and improved daily functioning.  

If you are interested in KING bed accessories, keep in mind: 

  • Compatible designs are Jasper, Neo, Encore, and Bellaire. 
  • You can choose from Lume Lights and Smart Tables. 
  • Bed accessories are ideal if you are looking to reduce clutter, create more space and increase functionality. 
  • Bed accessories may not be right for you if you already own lamps, side tables and wireless charging devices, or extra space and reducing clutter isn’t a concern for you. 
  • Finally, if you opt for a King size bed, measure and check doorways and access points to ensure the bed base and headboard fit. The headboard on the Jasper Bed, Serenade Grand Bed and Promenade Grand Bed are particularly large. 

If you're ready to accessorise, you can view our range of bedroom accessories, or if you’re looking for your ideal bed design, shop our Bed Collection or visit us at your nearest KING Showroom. 

Many KING Sofas are also compatible with smart accessories. Our sofa accessories article will give you all the information you need to know.