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From design to manufacture and delivery to your home, sustainability informs every part of the King process.


A Green Legacy

At King, sustainability drives innovation, and it's been that way for over forty years. In the early days, founder David King was appalled by the furniture he saw piled up for rubbish collection on front verges of suburban Sydney homes. He was determined to solve the problem by designing furniture built to last a lifetime rather than destined to end up in landfill. In 1999 the FMIAA and NSW Environment Protection Authority award recognised the King commitment to environmental sustainability.

End-to-end control

By controlling the entire production process, King retains complete control of quality and sustainable outcomes from design to delivery. End-to-end control allows King to choose recyclable materials and maximise efficiencies in manufacturing and delivery. Strict quality measures ensure every King piece is manufactured to last a lifetime.

Sustainability the King way

  • Engineered steel frames ensure longevity and can be recycled at end of use
  • Steel, foam, non-woven fabrics and timber components are repurposed and recycled
  • Recyclable cardboard boxes reduce the need for plastic packaging
  • Modular designs reduce wasted space in transport containers, lowering the carbon footprint
  • Removable covers are easily replaced, extending the life of your sofa
  • Electrical products are ROHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant

King Care®

King designs sofas and chairs to stand the test of time. King Care®, the in-house aftersales customer care team, offer a recovering service allowing you to extend the life of your sofa or simply change the look as you require.


Since 1977 King has created purposeful and timeless Australian design. Furniture that marries the power of innovation with traditional handcrafted methods, designed to adapt to our changing lives and last for generations.



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