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How to create your custom 1977 Sofa setting


Modularity is a key ethos behind the King Difference. And it always has been for the last five decades. The 1977 Sofa – a modern take on the original King Living sofa design – is a celebration of this principle.

A contemporary design with timeless appeal, the 1977 sofa combines a low profile with relaxed curves for complete comfort and versatility.  

We explore the modular sofa configurations made possible thanks to the collection of individual modules – from chaise to curve modules and more – that combine for endless possibilities.


Featuring three 1977 Chair Modules, two 1977 Curve Modules and 1977 Ottoman Small in Leura Mangrove, plus Bongo Ottoman Large in NuTouch Tan.


Embrace curves 


The 1977 Sofa Curve Module leans into the popularity of the curved furniture trend, allowing for unique modular sofa arrangements. When paired with other chair and corner modules, the curve module invites new dimensions of versatility.

For an ‘S’ shaped setting, combine two Curve Modules and three Chair Modules, placed alternately. This modular sofa configuration effectively creates two separate seating areas within the same single sofa arrangement. 

To create a modular sofa arrangement for small spaces or as a secondary sofa cluster, pair a Curve Module with Chair Modules on either side. The resulting arch shaped setting invites relaxation with the sumptuous curves maximising the available space. 

Add the 1977 Ottoman or complementing Bongo for extra seating or a place to rest your legs.


Featuring the 1977 Chaise Module, 1977 2-Seater Module and 1977 Ottoman Large in Tempest Wattle, plus Esperance Rug in Sand and Issho Coffee Table in American Walnut.


Luxury chaise lounging 


Modular sofas are highly popular for comfort and relaxation. As with the Curve Module, the Chaise Module can be combined in endless ways across the 1977 Sofa collection. 

A modular sofa configuration with a chaise adds to the cosiness of the sofa but also provides extra seating space when entertaining. 

As with many modular sofas in the King Living Collection, you can add multiple chaise modules to your sofa. Or, pair the 1977 Chaise Module with a single Chair Module or Two-Seater Module and Ottoman to allow for different seating preferences. Add a Corner Module at one end of the sofa for wrap-around comfort.



Featuring the 1977 Highback Chair and 1977 Ottoman Large in Leura Mangrove, plus Myco Side Table in Onyx and Esperance Rug in Sand.


Featuring three 1977 Sofa Chair Modules, one 1977 Curve Module, one 1977 Corner Module, one 1977 High Back Chair and one 1977 Ottoman Small in Leura Mangrove, plus Myco Side Table in Onyx and Esperance Rug in Sand.


High back comfort  


The popularity of the 1977 Sofa is in part due to the contemporary low profile. But if you prefer a higher back, the 1977 Sofa also delivers. 

The High Back Module is wider and higher than the other modules in the 1977 collection, meaning that it can’t be used within connected modular configurations. However, where the high back module shines is as a standalone occasional chair. 

Maintain consistency of style and fabric with a 1977 High Back Module and standalone 1977 Ottoman alongside a 1977 modular sofa configuration that suits your space. 


Solitary sanctuary  




In the same way the High Back Module serves as an occasional chair, you can also use other pieces in the collection as standalone pieces of furniture. The gentle curves of the design deliver a stunning simplicity that can align with any interior style. 

Consider a standalone Chair Module or 2-Seater Module for a low-profile occasional chair alternative. Or opt for the Ottoman – available in a small or large size – as a footrest or versatile additional seating that can be moved around a room as required. 


Fearuring six 1977 Chair Modules and two 1977 Curve Modules in Leura Mangrove, plus Myco Side Table in Onyx, Bongo Ottoman Large in NuTouch Tan and Esperance Rug in Sand.


Endless configurations


One of the greatest benefits of a modular sofa is the flexibility. You can custom design your own modular corner sofa that fits perfectly in your space. If your needs evolve in the future, you can easily reconfigure the module to suit your new space, or add new modules to expand your sofa. 

The 1977 Sofa is quite unique in offering both corner and curve modules. Each has the same sculptural form that expresses relaxation and softness, while giving you more choices to shape your modular sofa configuration to your space. 

From a single occasional chair to an eight-module statement configuration, there are endless options available to you.


Featuring the Leura Fabric Collection (left) and Tempest Fabric Collection.



Machine washable fabric covers


The 1977 Sofa covers are removable and machine washable for easy care and maintenance. As they are removable, this also means you can purchase an additional set of covers to update your sofa for the seasons. 

The added advantage of the 1977 Sofa is the fabrics on offer. You can choose from two premium fabrics – Leura and Tempest – in a selection of neutral shades and green hues. Choose a single fabric and colour for all modules or mix and match for a completely custom design. 


Featuring the 1977 Curve Module, Chaise Module, Chair Module and Ottoman Small in Leura Mangrove, plus Ottoman in Tempest Natural and two Monument Tall in Driftwood.


Explore the 1977 Sofa collection 


With a timeless design and engineered steel frame made from long-lasting, recyclable steel components, the 1977 Sofa is built for longevity. Your custom modular sofa awaits. 

Explore the 1977 Sofa Collection online or visit your nearest King Living Showroom. 


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