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How to embrace the curved furniture trend in your home interiors

With organic shapes and ergonomic comfort, curves are the latest furniture trend to captivate the world of interior design. Even more refined than the curves that dominated in the 1970s, modern curved furniture is defined by fluidity and softness.  

From modular sofas to dining tables, discover how you can embrace curves in your home for a fresh and elegant aesthetic and hear from King Living Junior Designer Zara Fong about what makes curved furniture unique. 


Featuring the Fleur Tub Swivel Armchair, Spia Pendant Light, and Antipodes Organic Rug.


Curved furniture styling tips


Curves create a visual flow that adds interest to a space. How you use curved furniture within that space depends on the size and layout of the room, as well as your existing interior styling.  

You can pair angular lines with a bold statement piece, such as a modern curved sofa or a curved dining table. For King Designer Zara Fong, balancing curved and straight lines is a way to add depth and interest to a room. 

“The interplay between the straight and curved furniture creates an intriguing contrast that draws the eye.”  

Or you may prefer to introduce different curved elements to create a cohesive, contemporary look. Layer textured throws and cushions to add depth to a curved couch and incorporate curved artwork, mirrors or lighting to echo the styling. 

For curved lounge chairs, fabrics such as chenille or velvet enhance the softness of the curves, creating an inviting environment. Bouclé is another popular fabric choice, offering softness and texture. Neutral shades, such as beige, offer timeless appeal and allow the beauty of the curves to shine. Vibrant colours and patterned fabrics can add personality to the space but be mindful of balance so as not to overwhelm the curves. 


1977 Sofa in Leura Natural White. Styled with Pallino Portable Lamp, Fleur Tub Chair, Issho Coffee Table and Marion Rug.


Featuring the Aura Sofa and Aura Ottoman in Brunswick Ricepaper fabric, Fleur Tub Chair in Leura Natural White, Antipodes Rug in Natural, Issho Console and Issho Side Table in American Walnut.


Curved sofas


A curved sofa in a living room serves as the focal point of the room. The curved contours and generous seating area invite relaxation while allowing for efficient utilisation of space.  

The 1977 Sofa style dates back to the early days of King Living – and of the curved furniture trend – with a modern reimagination of a classic design. A timeless, curved modular sofa, it features a low profile and relaxed curves that sit atop the signature King Living engineered steel frame and suspension system. 

Inspired by the beauty and form of floating islands, the sculptural curves of the Aura Sofa are ideal for open plan spaces and compact rooms.  

“Our aim was to create a beautifully curved design that could be an art piece while offering comfort and functionality.” - Zara Fong, Designer 

With the ability to personalise your seat backing depth and rearrange the modular sofa arms, Aura also offers generous hidden storage. 


The Oliver Tub Chair features an invitingly deep seat and classic curves crafted for comfort.


Curved armchairs


A simple way to introduce curves into a living space without investing in replacing your sofa, curved lounge chairs add a subtle elegance.

The Oliver Tub Chair, Fleur Tub Chair, King Boulevard Armchair and Luna Chair offer varying degrees of wrap-around comfort with gentle curves and organic lines.  

“If you feel a curved sofa isn’t right for you, there are many ways to bring curves into your living space – occasional chairs are often curved for comfort and tub chairs are a classic design that can work with any space” - Zara Fong, Designer. 

A bolder curved statement is the Delta Circle Sofa. The gently fanned back cushion provides a dynamic contrast to the full circle shape of the seating area.  


Featuring Lode Ottoman’s in Noosa Natural and Malibu Blush.


Curved ottomans


To introduce subtle curves into a room, ottomans are an ideal choice. The Crescent Ottoman and Lode Ottoman are available in different sizes that celebrate their sculptural forms. Add one to a living room space for a versatile seating or cluster multiple ottomans for added visual appeal. 

The Aura Ottoman is designed to nestle into the curved front or side of the Aura Sofa for practicality and style and will soften the look of any sofa setting. 


The Issho Dining Table features softly rounded edges - striking the perfect balance between a sculptural art form and functional quality.


Curved dining table


In dining rooms, a curved dining table or chairs can add an element of elegance and flow. The curved edges of a dining table create a welcoming atmosphere and facilitate easy conversation among guests. 

The Issho Dining Table is a celebration of curves with sculptural pillars at the base that can be arranged in different configurations.  


The Delta Circle creates an intimate oasis.


Outdoor curved furniture


The flowing lines of curved furniture complement the organic shapes found in nature, creating a harmonious connection between your outdoor space and the surrounding environment.  

“Curves can be particularly beautiful outdoors. The soft, rounded forms evoke a sense of tranquillity and relaxation, allowing you to fully embrace the beauty of outdoor living.” - Zara Fong, Designer 

Consider the Delta Outdoor Circle, Luna Outdoor Chair and Olive Outdoor Table to introduce curves into your outdoor styling. The Lode Ottoman and Crescent Ottoman are also available for outdoor spaces. 


Luna Outdoor Chairs are beautifully and ergonomically curved.


Embrace curves with King Living


With carefully selected curved pieces, you can transform your interior styling to create a haven of comfort.  

Explore the King Living range and discover the new forever pieces for your home. 

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