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Discover tailor-made removable sofa covers

Did you know every King Living sofa has tailor made removable covers? 

We understand the importance of furniture that adapts to your changing needs and reflects your evolving style.  

With our removable sofa covers, you can easily refresh your interior style, clean your covers, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your sofa is designed to last. 

We also feel it’s important to note, some sofa covers are easier to change than others. Our 1977 Sofa featured in the video below is created with exclusive fabrics which make it simpler than our other designs to take the covers on and off.

You also may find it easier to change your covers with the help of a second person. our King Care Team is always here to help. 

Watch the video below to see how the removable sofa cover design works, featuring the 1977 Sofa. 



Removable sofa covers versus traditional upholstery


Many products are made to be disposable. King Living isn’t about that. 

Every sofa module has individual covers that can be unzipped for cleaning or replaced with new covers to extend the life of your sofa.  

When it comes to upholstery options, traditional methods often leave little room for versatility. Once upholstered, sofas are usually fixed in their design and fabric choices, making it difficult to update or clean them with ease.  

We believe in offering our customers a seamless blend of style and practicality. Our removable covers are carefully crafted to fit each sofa module, allowing you to remove them whenever you desire. 

The benefits of sofas with removable covers are endless. Not only do they provide the freedom to change the look of your sofa to suit different seasons or fabric design trends, but they also offer a practical solution for cleaning.  

Spills, stains, and everyday wear and tear are much less of a concern when the covers can be removed or replaced entirely, ensuring your sofa always looks its best. 

Sofas with removable covers also give access to the interior cushion inserts and foam if these need to be replaced or refurbished – giving further serviceability to your sofa. 


Covers are easily removed via concealed zips.


How to remove your sofa covers


We have taken great care to ensure removing your sofa covers is as simple as possible.

Neatly concealed zippers are strategically placed to provide easy access to each cover. By unzipping the covers, you can remove them from the sofa modules.  

As you remove each cover, you'll notice a personalised label known as the King Legacy Tag. This special tag serves as a unique identifier, featuring your name, order number, and part number.  

These details are essential if you need to order need sofa covers as they help our dedicated King Care team identify the specific covers you require.  

It is important to note that some sofa covers are easier to change than others and you may find it easier to change yours with the help of a second person. For example, many of our customers find leather covers can be more challenging than fabric cover to take on and off.  

If you need help, our King Care Team  is always here for you. 


Covers can be removed for cleaning.


How to clean your sofa covers


Currently all of our sofa covers – except the 1977 Sofa – require professional cleaning. 

The 1977 Sofa features specially designed fabrics that can be machine washed with ease. 

For all other King Living sofa styles, we recommend having the covers cleaned and washed professionally to keep them looking their best. 


How to order replacement sofa covers


Replacement sofa covers are ordered online via our dedicated King Care team. Once your covers have been made, in most cases, our skilled technicians will deliver and fit the new covers directly in your home. This ensures a professional and precise installation.

While some of our customers prefer to fit the covers themselves, the majority find comfort in the expertise provided by our dedicated technicians. 


Removable sofa covers are part of the King Living legacy.


Find out more


The ability to recover and transform your furniture is deeply rooted in the King Living legacy, and reflects our commitment to sustainability, quality, and longevity.  

When we say your sofa is for life, we mean it. 

Our tailored, removable sofa covers are an important part of what makes your sofa last – and it’s a testament to our products that customers are still recovering sofas from the 1970s.  

To learn more, discover our sofa recovering service, learn about the King Care team, or explore our range of fabrics and leathers.