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Pros and cons of modular sofas



No living space is complete without a comfortable sofa. It is the anchor piece that sets the tone and makes the space feel inviting. 

And, when it comes to finding the perfect sofa, you have an endless array of options to choose from. Colour and fabric aside, one key decision you will have to make when looking for the perfect sofa is whether you want a modular design.  

With five decades of experience designing and manufacturing modular sofas, flexible living is at the core of KING designs. We like to say that a sofa is for life, and we’re committed to helping you buy with confidence. It’s important to us that the sofa you buy today works for how you live now, tomorrow and years into the future.  
That’s why we believe it is important to give you an honest rundown of the pros and cons of buying a modular sofa, so you can make an informed decision.  


DeltaUnveiled in 1998, Delta featured in Quinn Warm Silver, revolutionised Australian furniture with a fully modular design built for flexible living.  


What are the advantages of modular furniture?

From greater flexibility and longevity to a good return on investment, there are several advantages of owning a modular sofa. 


Flexibility to change configuration

From the outside, a modular sofa looks like any other sofa, but the difference is in the internal structure. Modular sofas are made up of portable sections called modules. This gives you the versatility to arrange your sofa in a range of different configurations to best suit your lifestyle and the layout of your space. 

For example, with the same set of modules, you could create a two-seater with a left chaise, a three-seater sofa or a two-seater with a right chaise. You can also add or remove modules if your needs change or you move house. Modular designs, such as Jasper and Delta, provide the advantage of effortlessly transforming into a comfortable guest bed. 

Whether you’re moving from one apartment to another, upsizing or downsizing, this flexibility allows you to configure your sofa to best suit your living space and preferred layout, making a modular sofa is a worthwhile investment. 


JasperJasper Package 1A as featured in Whiteley Riverstone offers numerous configurations including a guest bed. 


Modular flexibility allows for greater longevity

When you buy a new sofa, you typically buy it to suit and fit your current living space.  

But, what happens if you move? How can you be sure the sofa you buy today will suit your next home or the one after that?  

With the flexibility to completely change the layout of the sofa and move the position of the chaise, this is something you do not need to worry about with a modular sofa. As modular sofas are designed to adapt. 

This longevity can be viewed as a good return on investment as owners do not need to replace their sofa each time they move home, or the family expands.  


KatoThe Kato Double Chaise Corner Sofa Package featured with Boyd Linen with origin Silver Leather and paired with the Hue Rug in Steel. 


Provides ample seating without overwhelming the space

Modular sofas are often the preferred choice for large families or entertainers as they offer ample seating without compromising all the real estate in the room.   

Right-angle designs, such as L-shaped and U-shaped configurations make use of corner spaces, allowing more seating for the area. With the ability to arrange your sofa to overcome corners, windows and doors, a modular sofa allows you to maximise the use of your space while providing seating. 

To get comparable seating with a fixed design three-seater or two-seating sofa, you would need to add one or two occasional chairs or an additional sofa. 


Social seating 

Sofas with a chaise including L-shaped and U-shaped designs can also boost the social dynamic of your room. The design is a casual setting where guests can relax and easily face each other to chat and interact, unlike a more formal setting where guests sit side-by-side.   


BellaireAs a modular sofa, Bellaire featured here in Whiteley Crystal can be arranged in various settings and looks.  


Shortcomings of modular sofas

From modules that move apart to an overwhelming number of decisions to make, discover the drawbacks to purchasing a modular sofa. 


Modules can separate

By design, a modular sofa is easily moved around and rearranged. While this allows you to create different looks and configurations, some modular sofas move or separate when you sit down which can be very frustrating. 

To prevent KING modular sofas from separating we offer Magic Joiners. Made from high-grade and strong magnets, the Magic Joiners attach underneath the steel frame to hold the modules together but are easy to remove if you want to rearrange your sofa. 


Modules are an investment

A quality modular sofa is a significant investment, which may not be the right option for some customers. 

Modular designs allow you to change your sofa's layout and arrange the modules into different configurations. But consider if this is a feature, you’re likely to use? If not, perhaps your money is better spent on a different design.  

Typically requiring quality materials and skilled craftsmen, a modular sofa needs to be engineered from a durable frame to support this functionality and versatility. 

Not everyone considers the craftsmanship, quality or durability of modular sofas. And, as the return on investment is not immediately apparent at the time of purchase, some customers prefer ready-made fixed sofa designs. 

Price is not the only drawback of owning a modular sofa, there is also lead time to consider. 


PlazaThe Plaza, as featured in Preston Velvet Aegean Teal, is a made-to-order modular sofa. 


Modular sofa lead times

If your modular sofa is made-to-order or custom-made, the manufacturing process only begins once the order is finalised. It can take upwards of six weeks for a modular sofa to be designed and delivered. 

Many factors can also cause delays, including supply issues, the origin of where the materials are sourced, transportation methods and a host of other factors. 

Modular sofas may not be the best choice for customers who want to walk into a showroom one day and have a sofa delivered the next. 


MaxMax featured here in Nolan Sago has distinctive deep-tufted seating for luxurious, lasting comfort. Modular components can be configured to suit your space.


Designing your perfect modular sofa can be overwhelming 

When designing a modular sofa, the plethora of choices can be both a blessing and a curse. 

While some customers enjoy tailoring everything from the fabric choices to the cushioning and leg hardware, for others, the number of decisions is overwhelming and burdensome.   

As the decision-making process can also be time-consuming, a modular sofa might not be suitable for you if you don't have the time to research designs or visit Showrooms to test different sofas.  

Alternatively, if you are interested in a modular sofa but need help with the decision-making process, consult the advice of the Showroom experts or online team. KING Showroom and online experts will help you design a modular sofa that suits your home, lifestyle and comfort preferences. They can provide advice on material finish, layout, designs and what size sofa will comfortably fit your space.  


DeltaAs a modular sofa, Delta featured here in Quinn Warm Silver, easily converts into a guest bed and can be arranged in various congregations.  


Should my next sofa be modular?

At KING, we believe a sofa is for life. 

This belief drives our innovations and designs. Our modular sofas are crafted to last a lifetime and evolve with you throughout your life. For you to benefit from this durability and functionality, a modular sofa needs to be right for you. 

As with any furnishing decision, it is wise to consider all aspects before investing in a modular sofa. This includes understanding the layout of your room, the available space, and knowing what designs and finishes will best suit your family and lifestyle. 

Modular sofa facts to remember: 

  • Flexibility to change the configuration  
  • Modular flexibility allows for greater longevity 
  • Social seating arrangements  
  • Modules can separate without a connecting system 
  • Lead times 
  • The decision-making process can be overwhelming and time-consuming 

The abovementioned pros and cons will help you evaluate if a modular sofa is right for you. 

All this available information, along with this guide to buying a sofa, will help you decide on the perfect sofa for your home and lifestyle. 

If you are ready to experience KING modular sofa in person you can visit your nearest KING Showroom or start shopping online. 


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