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Exploring Modular Design vs. True Modularity in sofas


The concept of modular sofas has risen in popularity in recent years, offering homeowners the ability to adapt their living spaces to suit changing lifestyle needs. 

However, not all modular designs are created equal.  

At King Living, we distinguish between what is commonly known as modular design and what we proudly offer: true modularity.  

Understanding the difference can help you make an informed decision about which sofa best suits your home and lifestyle.  


Featuring the Delta Sofa. All modules can be easily removed and reconnected.

What is modular design: The basics 


Modular design refers to a system comprised of modules that can be rearranged to suit different layouts or spaces.  

In the context of sofas, this means sections of the sofa can be moved around to create various shapes and configurations, such as L-shapes, U-shapes, or straight lines. This flexibility is ideal for those who enjoy reconfiguring their living spaces or who might move homes frequently. 

However, the standard modular design often comes with limitations. While it allows for some rearrangement, the changes you can make are generally confined to the horizontal plane — pushing and pulling sections apart or together. This level of modularity offers a degree of flexibility, but it might not cater to all spaces or provide the ultimate customisation you seek.  

Many standard modular designs will not be finished and perfected on all sides of the design, which is what can also prevent you from moving the modules around, for example swapping the chaise from left to right. King Living designs, however, are finished in equal detail on all sides of the module. 


True modularity: A step further 


True modularity, as championed by King Living, elevates the concept of modular sofas to a realm of complete flexibility and customisation, far beyond what most standard furniture makers offer.  

It's akin to the concept of building blocks — not only can the blocks be moved horizontally, but they also offer the ability to reconfigure on a vertical plane – enabling you to pick up, rearrange and reconnect elements such as seat arms, backs and smart accessories. 

This revolutionary approach to sofa design is made possible through the innovative King Living steel frame foundation. 

Every module within our sofas is built upon a robust steel frame, enabling not just unparalleled durability but also a versatility unseen in standard modular designs.



Featuring the Zaza Sofa in Hamilton Cool Mint.

Why True Modularity Matters 


True modularity offers several benefits over traditional modular designs:

  • Complete customisation: Tailor your sofa to fit your space perfectly, regardless of room size or shape. 
  • Vertical and horizontal flexibility: Adjust your sofa's layout in ways that traditional modular designs can't match, like adding a chaise where you want or picking up a sofa arm and moving its position.
  • Long-Term Value and Sustainability: As your needs change—whether due to moving homes, changing family dynamics, or simply evolving tastes—so too can your sofa design.
  • Durability and Longevity: The steel frame foundation ensures that your investment lasts, supporting numerous configurations without compromising on comfort or quality. 

Explore King Living Sofas with True Modularity 


The truly modular designs in the King Living Sofa Collection include Jasper, Zaza, Delta, Delta Coast, Kato, Plaza, Bellaire and Neo. 

Let’s explore some of our most popular truly modular designs in more detail.  



Featuring the Jasper Sofa in Whiteley Riverstone.


Jasper Sofa 


The pinnacle of Australian design, Jasper incorporates five decades of design expertise to deliver unsurpassed luxury and unmatched personal comfort. The multi-award-winning sofa adapts to your lifestyle, easily arranged into endless configurations, including a luxurious guest bed. Customise the design with clever hidden storage, shelving, a media console, and a range of smart accessories, including a wireless charging table. 

Shop Jasper


Featuring Delta Coast in Sorrento Whitewash.


Delta Coast 


The Delta Coast Sofa easily arranges into endless configurations. You can effortlessly swap the chaise from left to right, arrange as two separate sofas to create a flow of conversation and transform into a luxurious guest bed in seconds. The design can adapt to any living space, giving the flexibility needed for modern, ever-changing lifestyles. You can also customise the design with dual backrest positions and repositionable back and arms. Plus, enjoy easy-care maintenance with reversible seat cushions and machine washable covers on selected fabrics. 

Shop Delta Coast 



Featuring the Zaza Sofa in Boyd Cool Mint.

Zaza Sofa 


The award-winning Zaza unites gentle organic lines and luxurious deep seats for a relaxed tailored finish. Designed in collaboration with leading Australian designer Charles Wilson, Zaza sets a new benchmark in contemporary design. The truly modular design features adjustable arms and backs that move seamlessly allowing you to choose the angle that best suits your comfort level and reconfigures into a range of settings. 
Shop Zaza 



Featuring Delta Sofa.

Delta Sofa 


A timeless expression of relaxed Australian style and groundbreaking innovation, the iconic Delta is the epitome of a truly modular sofa. Famous for uncompromising comfort and modular flexibility, Delta reconfigures effortlessly to suit all interiors and spaces, even transforming into a luxurious guest bed. 

Shop Delta 



Featuring the Kato Sofa in Sorrento Whitewash.

Kato Sofa 


Defined by a distinctive low profile and floating platforms, Kato offers the choice of curved corners and a grand double chaise. True to the King Living vision of flexible living, modular components combine to create the ideal configuration for your space and effortlessly rearrange to suit your lifestyle. 

Shop Kato 


Enhancing everyday living 


True modularity is not just a feature; it's a reflection of the King Living philosophy towards furniture design—a belief that furniture should be as dynamic and adaptable as the lives of those who use it. 

It represents our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and, most importantly, to our customers, ensuring that we provide them with not just furniture, but solutions that enhance their homes and lives. 

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