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KING Sofa review: 5 features to consider

In the 1970s, founder David King set out to design a sofa that was built to last.  

After seeing the number of sofas sitting on Sydney’s curbsides, he was determined to solve the problem. And KING has been designing and manufacturing sofas and a wide collection of furniture ever since, with Showrooms now operating across 7 countries.  

What makes a KING Sofa different? This article will explore the 5 most noteworthy features to help you decide if a KING Sofa is right for you.   

We will explore the pros and cons of: 

  1. Timeless furniture design style 
  2. Removable sofa covers 
  3. Modular sofa design 
  4. Steel frame 
  5. Material and comfort technology


Now in its second iteration, Jasper has been a best-selling design since 2003.


1. Timeless furniture design - KING doesn't follow trends


The KING style is timeless. The design principles are built on the notion that less is more, and removing unnecessary features makes way for a silhouette that is both effortless and understated.  

“We are committed to simplicity and constant improvement. We don't look to trends or the latest fads. Designs like Jasper and Delta have been best-sellers in Australia for decades, but when we introduce them overseas, our customers respond as if they are brand new designs” - Anna Carrabs, KING CEO 

Part of reasoning behind our philosophy of designing pieces that last the distance is to ensure the way they look, and function continues to bring you joy.  

For some of customers their sofa has become a part of their family. A place filled with memories that has become irreplaceable. Which is why many choose to recover their sofa instead of purchasing a new design from our Showrooms.  

While there are many reasons to opt for a timeless design, we understand this style won’t be right for everyone.  




  • Timeless furniture design won’t go out of style 
  • Easy to match with other furniture and homewares




  • May not offer the same statement look as a trend piece 
  • May not suit your personal taste


Every KING sofas is created with tailored removable covers. 


2. Removable sofa covers that can be replaced and cleaned


Your sofa could be built with world-leading materials and the finest structure, but that doesn’t protect it from pets, children and accidents happening.  

Every KING sofa is created with a tailor-made fabric or leather cover. The cover is easily fitted with hidden Velcro and concealed zips, making it simple for you to remove anytime. 

With a removable sofa cover, you have the assurance that if your tastes change, a stain happens, or you want to thoroughly clean the whole cover, you can. 

For more information, you can learn all about our recovery service.   




  • Replaceable if damaged 
  • Can update with a new fabric or leather  
  • Easy to clean 
  • Less expensive than purchasing a new sofa




  • If you replace your covers on only one sofa module, the colour match cannot be guaranteed 
  • While less expensive than a new sofa, recovering is still costly 


Reo II is the definition of sleek luxury and timeless design, finely crafted for personal comfort.


3. Modular sofa design that adapts to your lifestyle


Our modular designs are crafted to adapt to your changing lifestyle. Individual components can be moved around with ease, which means you can change the configuration of your sofa to suit your living space, seating requirements and lifestyle.  

If you need to move your chaise from left to right or want to create a more social setting with two sofas facing each other, a modular sofa design will give you the freedom to do so. 

Watch below to see how a modular design works. 





  • Flexibility to change the configuration to suit your living space 
  • Can add on extra modules or remove modules to change the size of your sofa 
  • Ability to swap the chaise from left to right 
  • Future proofs your sofa design as it can adapt to your lifestyle 
  • Individual components can be repaired




  • Modularity is only a pro if you use this feature 
  • Modular sofas can be more expensive than non-modular


Plaza is pictured in the exquisitely soft-to-touch Preston Velvet in Aegean Teal. 


4. Steel frame sofa design for longevity


Our steel frame is the foundation of our sofa designs.  

With a 25-year guarantee, the steel frame is a large part of the reason our furniture will last. Precision engineered from galvanised steel, and precision spot welded at key stress and weight-bearing areas, you can be assured you are buying quality.




  • Durable and long-lasting, backed by 25-year guarantee 
  • Steel is considered sustainable because it is recyclable and can be reused infinite times




  • A steel frame sofa can be more expensive than a wood frame 
  • Steel frame sofas can be heavier to move 


Bellaire is designed for open plan living and lounging on a grand scale. 


5. Comfort technology and material quality


Our sofas are made with quality materials that are chosen for their comfort, aesthetics, and longevity. We are the designer, maker, and retailer, which means we have strict control over the quality measures.  

“When you sit down on King furniture, you feel it. It's almost magical. It's a feeling of weightlessness. And knowing that feeling will last for generations is important to us.” – David King 

Our fabrics go through a variety of control measures, we use steel frames, and our in-house design team select a material palette that is designed to last.  




  • Strict-to-end quality control 
  • More sustainable material choices 
  • A material palette chosen for longevity




  • Quality comes with a cost, and while items last longer it is important to keep personal budget in mind 


The award-winning Zaza unites gentle organic lines and luxurious deep seats for a relaxed tailored finish.


Is a KING sofa best for you?


Choosing a sofa is no easy decision. It’s a costly purchase, a long-term investment, and is the most frequently used piece of furniture in the living room. 

With five decades of experience manufacturing and designing sofas we understand the difference a beautifully made sofa makes to our customers lives. And with so many options on the market, we also know KING won’t be the right choice for everyone. 

To help you decide, here are some questions to ask yourself: 

  • Is a modular design important to me? 
  • Do I prefer a timeless style or on-trend piece 
  • How important is choosing a sofa that lasts to me? 
  • Am I willing to invest into quality materials and construction? 

If you would like to learn more, you can read about how KING sofas can be customised with accessories, or learn how the recovery and refurbishment service works. 

You may also be interested in learning the top 5 considerations when buying a sofa, or some of our most popular modular sofas.