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Delta Sofa: The definition of True Modular Design



The King Living Delta Sofa is the definition of true modularity. 

With exceptional adaptability and customisation capabilities, akin to how building blocks can be assembled, moved around and reassembled in countless ways, this flexibility sets the Delta Sofa apart from standard modular furniture.  

Here we take a deeper look into true modular design and what makes the Delta one of the most versatile designs in the King Living Sofa Collection. 



Horizontal vs. Vertical Modularity 


Most modular sofas allows for horizontal modularity. This means you can push pieces together or pull them apart side by side, rearranging the layout on a single plane — for instance, extending a sofa into a longer line or forming an L-shape. 

Vertical modularity, however, introduces an additional layer of flexibility. This refers to the ability to move and rearrange components such as modules, arms, and backs in a vertical manner to change their position, orientation, or function. For example, you might remove a sofa arm and replace it with timber shelving. 

Each component of the Delta Sofa — whether it's a seat, backrest, armrest, or even a functional accessory like a table or shelf — can be thought of as a building block. These blocks can be connected in various configurations to create different furniture layouts. 

Just as with building blocks, where you can build virtually anything you can imagine by rearranging the pieces, the Delta Sofa offers the freedom to tailor your furniture to meet changing needs, preferences, or spaces. Want to refresh your living room's look or accommodate more guests? Just reconfigure the sofa as needed. 

The combination of both horizonal and vertical modularity is what sets Delta apart a truly modular sofa. 


Delta modules can be removed and reconnected vertically.


Innovative steel frame foundation 


At the core of the Delta Sofa's true modularity is its high-quality steel frame foundation.  

This isn't just about robustness; it's about providing a versatile base that supports a wide array of configurations. The steel frame allows for each piece to be easily added, removed, or rearranged, ensuring that the sofa can evolve with your living space and needs.  

The steel frame is the foundation for every piece, including the sofa arms, which gives a level of structural integrity and flexibility rarely found in traditional sofas and is a hallmark of the King Living design philosophy. 


Picturing the Delta Sofa. The modular leather sofa features the Lume Smart Light and Delta Rectangle Platform Table.


Smart Accessories 


It’s not only the seat modules, arms and backs that move around on the Delta Sofa – the smart accessories can also be rearranged. 

Smart Lights, Platform Tables and Wireless Charging Tables all connect into the Smart Pocket™ design within the sofa frame, allowing you to move these items around with ease. 

This level of customisation provides additional comfort and extends the life of your sofa, giving the option to update the smart accessories when technology changes – as opposed to built-in accessories which could render the sofa obsolete.  


Delta Sofa modules can be rearranged into a luxurious guest bed.


Ease of reconfiguration 


Another true test of modularity is in the ease with which changes can be made.  

The Delta Sofa is designed with this in mind, ensuring that reconfiguring the sofa doesn't require special tools or professional help.  

You can simply move and connect modules and accessories to suit your needs, even transforming the sofa into a luxurious guest bed. This user-friendly approach to design empowers you to creatively refresh your living space to suit changing lifestyles and entertainment requirements. 


Picturing the Delta Sofa. The modular leather sofa transforms into endless configurations


A sofa for every lifestyle 


The King Living Delta Sofa embodies true modularity through its endless reconfiguration options.  

It's more than a sofa; it's a dynamic living solution that adapts to the changing needs and styles of its users.  

This level of modularity not only enhances the functionality and aesthetics of a space but also extends the life and utility of the furniture.  

As your life changes — be it a move to a new home, a growing family, or simply a shift in taste — your furniture can adapt with you in a way traditional modular pieces cannot.  

The Delta Sofa, with its building block-like modularity, represents a shift towards more dynamic, personalised living spaces, where furniture is not just functional but also a reflection of individual lifestyle and creativity. 

Explore the King Living Sofa Collection or discover more sofa design inspiration: 





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