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The Art of Living - Part 2: Designing Your Outdoor Dining Space

06 Mar 2020 |  Inspiration

Art of Living - Living Room

Over the years, the outdoor living space has been injected with a renewed purpose. Exemplified by the temperate climate of the Australian outdoors, many homes are cultivating a lifestyle that easily transitions from the indoors to the outside.

Many outdoor dining spaces are increasingly being outfitted with a mix of elaborate, pedigreed furniture and accessories due to the wealth of design options now available to withstand the external elements.

However, in the midst of overwhelming options to choose from, paring things down to the basics for will not only lead to a more mindful and balanced way of life, but also creating a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic for your outdoor dining area.

1. Invest in quality and timeless designs

Art of Living - Outdoor Dining

When it comes to working with a pared-back aesthetic, the decision-making process can be slightly challenging, however, the long-term outcomes will be incredibly rewarding. By placing careful thought behind the placement of each furniture, you’ll be curating a space that feels warm and considered for guests you’re entertaining

Art of Living - Outdoor Dining

Investing in quality classics like the Quay Dining Ceramic Table that can be used indoors or outdoors ensures your outdoor dining space will transcend through time. The timeless design and gentle curves of the dining table brings a luxurious elegance to any space. With longevity in mind, the Quay Dining Table is built to not only withstand the elements, but it’ll also be beneficial for the environment, with sustainability at the heart of each construction unlike trend-driven furniture with a short shelf-life.

2. Create visual coherence by defining a colour palette

Art of Living - Outdoor Dining

Your outdoor area should be a minimalistic respite from the frenzied pace of city life. One way to achieve this is to create harmony by defining a colour palette and theme for your outdoor dining set. By using matching tones like the powdered coated legs in the colour Rock for both the Quay Outdoor Dining Chair and the Quay Dining Ceramic Table, helps create a visual coherence. During the day, the varying shades of grey bathed by sunlight is refined without seeming unwelcoming. 

3. Introduce textures to add depth and sophistication

Once you’ve established a monochromatic language, you can begin to play with textures to enhance depth and character to your outdoor setting. The new King Rope weave on the Quay Outdoor Chair adds sophistication and grandeur without calling for attention. The grey tones are also a great option for being low maintenance which are perfect for the outdoors.

Art of Living - Outdoor Dining


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