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The Art of Living - Part 1: Furnishing your Living Room

26 Feb 2020 |  Design

Art of Living - Living Room

Designing your living room can be a huge undertaking considering it is usually the room that commands the most attention and interaction, from entertaining guests to an environment where you can comfortably relax at the end of the day.

A well-curated selection will not only enhance the aesthetics of the room, but also how you live in it.

1. Understand the scale of your living room

Art of Living - Living Room

It’s important to understand the scale of your room in order to create a dynamic that is harmonious with the space. From where the light enters to how the furniture is positioned, your living room can instantly feel intimate or lack warmth.

Art of Living - Living Room

The beautiful sloping roof of this home provides an open and visually bright ambience to the living room, with the spiral staircase designed to complement the floor-to-ceiling glass windows, adding a sense of drama and elegance to the space.

The arrangement of the Zaza sofas with their slender steel legs and exquisite organic silhouette, brings a balance to the living room. The Zaza also features a retractable arm, designed for that ultimate in relaxation. When not relaxing, the arm can be position to the upright position, creating additional circulatory space around the sofa. 

2. A well-curated space for relaxed living

Art of Living - Living Room

Keeping your living room organised can achieve the effect of enlarging a space, however, it can also cultivate the concept of relaxed living where a minimalistic living space can lead to a more mindful and balanced way of life.

Art of Living - Living Room

One way to emphasis a less-is-more approach is the clever use of the Cassia daybed in the form of an ottoman or coffee table. Utilising versatile furniture capable of multi-purpose use is a great way to maximise space and keep your living room clutter-free.

Another way to stay minimal is to keep the use of colours on your walls to the minimum. This way, you’re able to highlight the use of textures and luxurious materials for your home like marbles and timbers that add warmth and character to your living room.

3. Anchor the room with a focal point

For those who would like to liven up a minimally designed room, consider anchoring the space with a statement colour on the furniture. Like the Zaza sofa in the Preston Velvet Amber, the burnt orange tone brings a much-needed warmth to the living room, instantly drawing your attention as you walk in.

Art of Living - Living Room


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