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5 tips for creating a sleep-friendly bedroom


Sleep is restorative, helping to keep the mind and body in top shape. While sleep quality matters just as much as quantity, as many as four in ten people aren’t getting enough of the quality sleep they need. 

Designing your bedroom for sleep can change that. From the furniture to the ambiance and energy in the room, a sleep-friendly bedroom is about simple tweaks and considered choices that can transform how you sleep.  

Curious about how to make your bedroom better for sleeping? We share 5 tips for a sleep-friendly bedroom to help you create a sanctuary for the perfect night’s sleep.


Featuring the Sleep+ Mattress, expertly crafted for a perfect night’s sleep.


Choose the right mattress and bed


Beds and sleep, or more specifically mattresses and sleep, go hand-in-hand. With a quality mattress, you’ll have the base you need to start improving your quality of sleep. 

The Sleep+ Mattress features a design engineered to adapt to your body. You have complete control over your sleep comfort with reversible Comfort Layers and breathable Fit Covers that can be switched for the seasons or your changing needs. Available in a full range of sizes, choose from three Sleep+ models depending on your preferences. 

The right mattress also needs the right bed base to ensure the perfect night’s sleep. A perfect pairing is the Adelaide Four Poster Bed, which is built with the KingSleep base. Engineered for edge-to-edge support to provide a consistent sleep surface, the KingSleep base offers maximum breathability and soundless comfort. 

To complete your sanctuary, pair your mattress with quality, comfortable bed linen and pillows for a dreamy sleep surface.



Featuring the Jasper Bed in Whiteley Riverstone, Apero Side Table in Flint, and Monument Tall in Light and Tundra Grey Ceramic.


Consider feng shui 


For bedroom layout ideas, look no further than Feng Shui. By following the bedroom Feng Shui rules you’ll help to create harmony and balance in your sleep-friendly bedroom, laying the foundation for a great night's sleep. 

The best bedroom layout for Feng Shui has the bed in a “commanding position”. That is, with a clear view of the bedroom door but not directly in line with it. Use softer elements, such as an upholstered bed, like the Jasper Bed, with contrasting artwork or accent walls to balance the energy – or Yin and Yang – in the room.  



Featuring the Bellaire Bed with the Lume Smart Light and Smart Crescent Table.



Featuring the Serenade Soft Storage Bed in Bowen Natural White, styled with the Bongo Large in Pisa Sago, Bongo High in Vallan Saddle Leather, and Marion Rug in Sandstone.


Remove the clutter 


Another principle of Feng Shui is to remove clutter from the bedroom as this can obstruct the energy flow through the room. The floor and surfaces in a sleep-friendly bedroom are completely free of clutter. When designing your bedroom, consider adding storage solutions that will help to clear the visible clutter from the room.  

King Living has a range of beds with in-built storage, including the Jasper Bed, Promenade Storage Bed, Symphony Bed and Serenade Storage Bed. Each contains clever internal storage, easily accessed by gas-lift struts. The Serenade Bedside Table is an elegant addition with discrete storage in the soft close drawer. Clutter can be stored away but is still in easy reach when required. 

Choosing beds that can incorporate accessories like smart lights and smart tables can also help you to reduce clutter in your bedroom by doing away with the need for additional furniture items.


Featuring the Sleep+ Mattress.


Keep it cool 


You’ll sleep better at night if you’re not tossing and turning at night due to heat or struggling to stay warm if your room is too cold. So what temperature should a bedroom be for sleeping? Around 18℃ is the optimal temperature. You may prefer a slightly higher or lower temperature so you can add or remove layers depending on your comfort and the season. 

The Sleep + Mattress CoolFit® Fit Cover helps to draw heat away from the body, while the WarmFit® features an integrated electric blanket. Choose the cover that best suits your temperature preferences.


Featuring the Bellaire Bed with the Lume Smart Light and Smart Crescent Table.


Go for soft lighting 


Sleeping in a bedroom that was brightly lit only a few minutes earlier can impact your circadian rhythm, which is your body’s internal clock that helps to regulate your sleep. A sleep-friendly bedroom at night should be dimly lit to create a calm bedroom that’s conducive to sleep. 

The Aura Smart Light and Lume Smart Light – part of the Smart Accessories Collection – are ideal for bedroom lighting. Both have dimming controls to easily adjust the level of brightness and have an opal diffuser to reduce glare. When the lights are powered on and off, they gradually brighten and fade to allow your eyes to adjust to the light. Smart Accessories connect to King Living Beds with Smart Pockets. 


Featuring the Adelaide Four Poster Bed in Futuro Kelp leather and American Walnut, and the Marion Rug in Sandstone.



Design a sleep-friendly bedroom with King Living 


The King Living Bedroom Collection is designed to help you make your room sleep friendly without compromising on style. Featuring the best of contemporary design with quality materials and craftsmanship, you can tailor your own dream sleep space. 


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