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How to create a seamless flow through indoor-outdoor living

A modern design philosophy that blurs the line between the interior and exterior spaces of the home, indoor-outdoor living is increasingly popular. Inviting the outdoors in and enhancing the flow in the home, indoor-outdoor living creates a cohesive feel that’s open and airy. 

More than just opening up walls and adding large windows, seamless indoor-outdoor living relies on furniture that unites the two spaces. The resulting indoor-outdoor flow is relaxed and welcoming, enhancing the connection to nature. 

We explore the principles behind modern indoor-outdoor living and designs from the King Living collection that help to unify indoor-outdoor living spaces. 


Featuring King Cove Outdoor, Monument Coffee Table, Luna Outdoor Chair and Esperance Indoor Outdoor Rug.

Consistency creates flow


In any room in the house, consistency helps to facilitate a sophisticated flow between the spaces. By maintaining some consistency, whether it be through colour, texture or style, you create a sense of harmony and rhythm. Each element resonates with the others and nothing feels out of place.  

The same is true of indoor-outdoor rooms. By incorporating like elements, you enhance the flow. One way to do this is through design materials. The unbroken line of a concrete floor that extends from the living room to the outdoor patio creates a visual and tactile connection. Likewise with timber detailing that’s mirrored in the indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Another way to create consistency is through your furniture selections. Many of the designs in the King Living collection, such as the Luna Outdoor Chair and Lode Ottoman, have indoor and outdoor versions. You can utilise these pieces across rooms for a more direct visual balance. 

Our fabric collection also includes some styles that are available in both indoor and outdoor fabrics like Eden Check and Avoca. Or, choose from our wide range of fabrics across different collections to create flow through a harmonious colour palette.


Featuring King Cove Sun Lounges in Malibu Sand with Salt Powder Coat.


Consider the entire outdoor space


So often we associate indoor-outdoor living with the spaces directly adjacent to the home, such as the patio or deck. But to create a deeper connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces, the entire backyard is an extension of the home. 

The same principles of consistency apply. A fabric like Malibu Sand on King Cove Sun Lounges by the pool will suit a similar shade in a complementary fabric on your indoor furniture, such as Club, Sorrento or Peninsula Linen.  

Well defined on its own, when viewed as a part of the broader home, the space is connected, adding dimension to the styling. 


Featuring Quay Ceramic Dining Table and Quay Outdoor Dining Chairs. 


Versatility and functionality 


King Living pieces like the Esperance Rug, Monument Coffee Table and Quay Ceramic Dining Table were designed for use both indoors and outdoors. This level of versatility means you can effortlessly redesign your spaces with durable, quality indoor-outdoor furniture that looks at home in either environment. 

Use the Quay Ceramic Dining Table in your dining room and move it to the patio when entertaining a large group of guests - this finish is suitable for both indoors and out. Or feature the Esperance Rug in both your indoor and outdoor living space for a subtle connection between the two areas. 

The King Living outdoor furniture collection is engineered for comfort and designed to last even in the harsh Australian climate. You can design the space once, knowing it will stand up to the elements.  


Featuring Quay Outdoor Sofa, Quay Outdoor Armchairs, Lode Ottoman, Oasis Outdoor Pedestal Table and Esperance Indoor Outdoor Rug.


Create defined zones


Ultimately, your home needs to suit your lifestyle and needs, including your indoor-outdoor living space. A simple way to design around your lifestyle is to consider creating different zones, such as dining, lounging or cooking, within your outdoor space.  

Similar to the open plan concept in homes, in the outdoor space you can use rugs, planters or trellises to define the zones. By creating these zones and grouping related elements, such as sofas or furnishings, together, you can create visual cohesion and enhance the flow even further. 

Zoning adds to the connection between indoors and outdoors by mirroring an indoor style layout. When you step outside the door, you’re stepping into a well-organised space that reflects your lifestyle and makes it easy to spend time outdoors.  

Furnish your home for indoor-outdoor living 

Transform your spaces into balanced living environments that truly connect to the natural world. Explore the King Living outdoor collection and discover Australian design and innovation that’s defined indoor-outdoor living for five decades. 

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