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Discover the Olive Outdoor Dining Collection

Olive Outdoor


The newest addition to the KING Outdoor Dining Collection has arrived.  

Crafted to nurture conversation, Olive Outdoor is the first outdoor dining collection to offer dining, bar, and counter options to suit your lifestyle. 

Perfectly proportioned, Olive Outdoor embraces an understated organic form instilled with contemporary elegance, which harmoniously blends with any outdoor space. 

Outdoor dining is synonymous with Australian living, and Olive Outdoor is the KING Design Studio’s answer to creating an intimate setting for a relaxed dining experience.  


Ideal for intimate spaces

Olive Outdoor Crafted to nurture conversation, Olive Outdoor is ideal for intimate settings, terraces and balconies.


Offered in dining, counter and bar heights, the gently curved silhouette is ideal for intimate settings, terraces and balconies. Olive Outdoor was conceptualised by KING Design Studio’s Alinta Lim, who shares the intention behind the collection.  

“We already had counter height stools, and we wanted a table to pair with these that was the right height,” explains Alinta “Having compact options for smaller space living is something I feel quite passionate about, especially for our global markets where people might not have expansive backyards, and mostly have balconies.” 



Carefully considered design choices make Olive Outdoor ideal for smaller spaces. 

“For Olive, we decided to make the width 100 millimeters smaller than our typical rectangle dining table size. It's a more compact rectangle, which is also why we added curves to create a more intimate setting.” 

The gently curved silhouette lends itself perfectly to both creating more space and bringing guests closer together.  

“The curved edges are very intentional. They create a more intimate setting and bring everyone sitting at the table closer together.” 


Fully modular design

Olive OutdoorOlive Outdoor can adapt to wherever your lifestyle takes you.


Ideal for apartment dwellers on the move, Olive Outdoor features a toolless assembly that allows for effortless manoeuvring and reassembling. 

"With Olive, we wanted to try a new assembly method which requires no allen keys and no tools. The tabletop comes fully assembled and all you need to do is hand screw the legs on.” Alinta explains “When you’re moving house or if you want to replace one of the legs if it were damaged, it’s really simple” 

With a fully modular design, Olive Outdoor can adapt to wherever your lifestyle takes you. 


Timeless and organic form

Australia's multi award-winning sofaOlive Outdoor will remain timeless for years to come.


Clean lines and universal sensibilities complement any outdoor space, offering the ability to adapt and remain timeless for years to come. The effortlessly simple design of Olive Outdoor fits harmoniously within the KING Outdoor Collection 

“The frame is almost meant to disappear and become a blank canvas that you could pair with any KING dining chair,” explains Alinta. “The design is simple, approachable and timeless.” 

For Alinta, the form was an organic inspiration. 

“The structure where it forks out is reminiscent of tree branches. The name Olive relates to olive branches and speaks to the kind of outdoor casual dining culture I think is an integral part of Sydney living and Australian living.” 


Built to last

Jasper IICustomise Olive Outdoor in a Slate or Pumice high-performance ceramic top.


Olive Outdoor is crafted from a material palette selected to endure the harshest seasonal weather conditions. The hard-wearing frame stands firm with adjustable leg caps to ensure stability on uneven outdoor surfaces. 

“KING outdoor products are built to last. Aesthetically that’s where simplicity makes sense; the style is going to endure.” Alinta explains. “Olive is made from aluminum, ceramic and stainless steel – all of which are selected for their durability.”  

Olive Outdoor is customisable in a Slate or Pumice high-performance ceramic top and your choice of KingCote™ finish in Salt or Rock. 

“We always try to design with longevity in mind. When you create a new product, it takes resources and has an environmental impact. You have to think about why that product needs to exist and if the raw material input is going to justify the use over its lifespan and ask yourself can it enhance someone's life.” 

Olive Outdoor is an ideal addition to the KING Outdoor Collection with its timeless appeal, durable material palette, variety of height options, and effortless modularity.   


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Updated April 2022