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Outdoor furniture design: Discover the KING Outdoor Collection

Outdoor living is synonymous with the Australian lifestyle.   

And being outdoors is essential for wellbeing.  

Whether you have a balcony, backyard, courtyard, or rural property, outdoor furniture can provide the comfort you need for quality outdoor time.   

As an Australian-based design company with over five decades of experience, KING is well-placed to design furniture for our great outdoors, which has one of the most diverse climates in the world.   

You may wonder what makes an outdoor sofa design different from an indoor sofa, and how outdoor furniture can withstand harsh weather conditions.  

In this article, you will discover how outdoor products are crafted for weather-resistance, what makes KING outdoor furniture unique, learn about key materials, and find out which designs are available in the collection.   

This information will help you decide if the KING furniture outdoor range is right for your needs. 


The Zaza Outdoor Sofa is paired with the Luna Outdoor Chair, creating an ideal outdoor entertainment zone.


Why did KING design an outdoor collection?


KING has an extensive background in indoor sofa design, and we wanted to bring those years of experience, knowledge, and understanding to an outdoor collection.  

“KING is known for its luxurious comfort. And when we first began designing outdoor sofas, one of the key aims was to retain the comfort features of our indoor sofas and create the most comfortable outdoor furniture in the market.” - Tanya Rechberger, KING Senior Designer 

With the indoor-outdoor lifestyle ever-increasing, and the rich health benefits of being outdoors, customers are seeking quality furniture to enhance their outdoor experience at home. 

The KING Outdoor Collection is here to provide comfort and true relaxation.


Pair Luna Outdoor Chairs and Oasis Outdoor to create a cosy outdoor nook. 


What KING outdoor designs are available?


KING has an extensive collection of luxury outdoor furniture designs available in a wide range of patterned and plain fabric styles to help ensure we can bring any design dreams to life.  

The collection includes Sofas, Tables, Chairs, Sun Lounges, Ottomans, and Accessories 

For more information, you can explore the collection online. 


With organic curves and a lightweight body, the Lode Ottoman offers a unique seating option. 


What makes the KING Outdoor Collection unique?


Everything we have learned about indoor furniture design over the past five decades has been translated to our outdoor designs.   

“If you placed an indoor sofa outside, the weather would act to deteriorate it very quickly. We put in a lot of work to make our outdoor products last.” - Tanya Rechberger, KING Senior Designer  

Taking our indoor range into outdoor, we can offer a level above other outdoor furniture.  

  • Superior materials – we choose our material palette for longevity, and its ability to withstand Australia's harsh weather conditions. Our key materials of choice are ceramics, alloy, steel and stainless steel, water resistant fabrics and WeatherWeave®.   
  • Water resistant technology – Unlike ordinary outdoor furniture, KING Outdoor integrates an additional water resistant layer technology similar to high-quality mountaineering apparel, and sealed seams to enhance performance.  
  • Water-resistant cushions – back cushions are crafted using water and mould resistant Ultradown® fibres and have been designed to breathe, allowing the cushions to form to your body shape while avoiding water coming into the cushion. 
  • Comfort engineering – ergonomically, our products are well thought out, and our outdoor sofa designs include the signature comfort features KING is known for, together with specially designed water resistant details. 
  • Modular outdoor sofa designs – another popular feature from our indoor range. We offer modular designs and varying sizes that suit different locations and spaces. 
  • KINGCOTE® advanced weather protection – the exclusive powder-coating process combines a multi-process treatment with a sophisticated finish to ensure steel and alloy components last.  
  • Sofa accessory tables – we offer a range of tables that seamlessly integrate with our sofa models to create a convenient place for your items to rest.  
  • Under-seat storage – the option for under-seat storage is quite unique to KING designs and is a feature of our Jasper and Delta Outdoor Sofas. 
  • Refurbishment options – Like all KING furniture, we can replace the covers and even refurbish individual components to help your furniture last longer instead of replacing the whole item.  


The Jasper Sun Lounge brings next level personal comfort to the great outdoors.


Which outdoor furniture materials do KING use?


KING Outdoor furniture materials are selected for durability, UV resistance, corrosion resistance, and ease of maintenance. KING Senior Designer Alinta Lim explains the intention behind the material choices chosen for longevity.  

"You have what's called soft outdoor and hard outdoor. Soft outdoor refers to products that will be outside but undercover. Whereas the hard outdoor category features designs that will be exposed to the elements,” Alinta explains.  

“Being a global company, we are designing for the full range of weather types, whether that be snow, sun, or rain. All our products are designed to be exposed to the elements."  

The KING outdoor material palette features a range of materials, with the most common being water resistant fabrics, steel and stainless steel, ceramic, WeatherWeave®, and alloy. 


Back cushions are crafted using water and mould resistant Ultradown® fibres.


Water resistant fabrics


In order to retain our interior features that provide comfort, like pocket springs and multiple layers of foam, we use water resistant fabrics on all our outdoor designs. We also made a huge effort to integrate details that deter water and cause it to bead on the surface and run off, while still allowing airflow inside the fabric covers. If any water does find its way inside, the product can be taken apart and dried out.


The Olive Outdoor ceramic top is available in your choice of Slate or Pumice. Featured above with Quay Outdoor Dining Chairs. 




Ceramic is an ideal material for the outdoors as it’s UV stable, colourfast, which means it won’t fade in the sun, and is virtually non-porous. Many outdoor materials, like timber, deteriorate quickly over time. Once moisture gets inside and you get low temperatures this can cause the moisture to freeze and can split the wood. Because ceramics are non-porous, they won’t crack in cold or heat. At KING, the ceramic we use is considered to be a porcelain, because it’s fired at the highest temperature. In terms of tabletop surfaces, ceramic is the lowest maintenance material you can choose, is scratch resistant, and has a beautiful stone-like feel.  


The Quay Dining Table features an elegantly tapered aluminium frame. 


Alloy & Aluminium


Compared with steel, alloy is much more corrosion-resistant. Alloy is lightweight, which is helpful when moving your furniture around, and is also infinitely recyclable.  


Both indoor and outdoor KING Sofas are built on a steel frame foundation. 


Steel & Stainless Steel


Steel is a good option for balcony's as it's a heavier material that won’t move around as easily in the wind. Steel frames are the basis for all our designs. Stainless steel is used for most of our brackets. 


The Quay Outdoor Dining Chair has been finished in WeatherWeave® in Dawn.




Handwoven by KING artisans, WeatherWeave® is a celebration of the ancient craft realised in advanced weather-resistant materials. With the beauty of natural fibre and backed by a five-year warranty, WeatherWeave® will resist fading and degrading over time and is part of what makes our outdoor products soft, luxurious, and touchable. 


The Olive Outdoor Dining Table is ideal for intimate settings, terraces and balconies.


Will KING outdoor furniture last?


Some of our best-selling indoor sofa designs are mirrored in the outdoor collection, with material upgrades created specifically for Australia’s climate.  

Senior Designer Tanya Rechberger explains the level of detail that goes into outdoor furniture design.  

“We don’t simply use a water resistant fabric on an indoor Zaza sofa and call it an outdoor Zaza. We assess every component and assess if it needs to be upgraded for outdoor use.”  

We have many customers who are curious about what makes outdoor furniture costly, and we want to be transparent.   

“While our indoor and outdoor models look and feel similar if you did a cross section, there would be many differences as the majority of components have been upgraded for outdoor use,” Tanya shares. “And it’s these weather-resistant upgrades that add extra cost.”   

As a company dedicated to sustainable practices and committed to creating a circular economy, we are advocates for choosing products designed to last over those destined for a short lifecycle. 


The Quay Ceramic Dining Table is suitable for indoors or outdoors. 


KingCote® protects your outdoor furniture


The exclusive KingCote® powder-coating application combines a multi-process treatment with a sophisticated finish to ensure that steel and alloy components are rust-resistant and will last for years to come. All aluminium and steel frame designs receive KingCote® powder-coating.   

It’s important to note that even durable outdoor furniture will still require consistent cleaning, especially if you are in a salty environment close to the ocean. Like any product, the more you maintain and clean it, the longer it will last. For example, regularly hosing down your furniture can make it simpler to clean versus letting things build up, which may require more scrubbing and heavier-duty cleaning.


Your WeatherGuard can be folded up and stowed away when not in use. 


WeatherGuard covers extend the life of your furniture


Like a garage for your car, WeatherGuard Covers are a protective measure for your furniture. We make WeatherGuard Covers specific to each product range and product type. This isn't because we don’t trust our furniture, but to help decrease the amount of maintenance needed.

If left exposed, furniture will get leaf and other debris building up and gathering, and mildew will develop. A WeatherGuard cover maintains your furniture for longer and means you can clean it less.   

WeatherGuard Covers are designed to be lightweight, quick, and easy to pull over, with a sturdy strap to secure to the furniture in case of high winds. Integrated air vents promote air circulation under the covers to reduce condensation build-up, which can lead to mould growth.

WeatherGuards are easy to take on and off again and fold up small when not in use, making it easy to store away. We encourage you to use your WeatherGuard Cover anytime your outdoor furniture isn’t in use, as this will significantly help to prolong its life and appearance.   

Our outdoor furniture care article explains in detail what you can expect from your outdoor furniture and how to take care of your designs. 


Jasper Outdoor features engineered layers of support to deliver legendary comfort. 


Is the KING Outdoor Collection right for you?


Australians are increasingly looking to create outdoor areas that offer a resort-like feel at home without compromising style or quality and to create an extension of indoor living.   

The KING furniture outdoor range is designed to answer this desire with our collection of outdoor sofas, dining, ottomans, side tables, and rugs. But is the collection right for you?  

Here are some top considerations:  

  • Will a modular outdoor sofa benefit my lifestyle?  
  • Would I like the option to match my indoor sofa and outdoor sofa?  
  • Am I willing to invest in quality outdoor furniture?  
  • Will I use my outdoor furniture regularly? Is comfort important?  
  • Am I looking for durable outdoor furniture?  

If you would like to experience our luxury outdoor furniture designs in-person, visit your nearest KING Showroom, or you can shop online now 

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