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Flexible living room design for family living


The living room is the room in your home that you spend the most time together as a family to connect and unwind. It’s a space that needs to not only meet your needs as a family unit, but also the unique needs of each individual member of the family.   

A family living room needs to reflect the evolving needs of the family, with a flexible layout and furniture that offer comfort, durability and style.  

Discover the key considerations for designing a living room that will work hard for your family for many years to come. 


Featuring the Jasper Sofa in Prestige Saddle leather.

Modular flexibility 


The cornerstone of a truly flexible living room design is modular furniture that can adapt to your changing needs over time. From new additions to the family to reaching new life stages and even unexpected guests, modular furniture can effortlessly cater to the shifts. 

As the centrepiece of any family living room, the sofa is the key piece of furniture where modularity is essential. The King Living Jasper Sofa is a versatile collection crafted with flexibility in mind. You can customise the sofa to your family needs with different modular components, including an ottoman, chaise and corner modules, that configure in endless ways.  

Reconfigure Jasper modules from a U-shape for large gatherings into an L-shaped sofa for TV or movie nights. Supplement with ottomans for footrests that also double as additional seating. Individual Jasper Chairs alongside a larger Jasper Sofa can also help to keep different members of the family happy and comfortable.


Multi-purpose furniture 


More than modular flexibility, family living room furniture can also be called on to serve multiple purposes. A sofa is a guest bed one day, a movie night sofa the next. The beauty of thoughtfully designed pieces is their ability to serve many purposes and minimise clutter in a streamlined, sophisticated way. 

The Jasper Sofa delivers clever multi-functionality thanks to the patented component connecting system that allows for a luxurious guest bed configuration. For a living room storage solution, choose optional underseat storage to stow blankets, cushions, board games or other items that can cause clutter in a family living room. 

Able to serve as a coffee table, footrest or additional seating, ottomans are also a highly versatile addition to a living room design. Choose the Jasper Cube to tie in with your Jasper Sofa. Opt for the Bongo Ottoman with a tray top for coffee table or options for or storage options. Or cluster Crescent Ottomans in different sizes to introduce a curved aesthetic. 

Family-friendly fabrics 


It’s not just the furniture you choose when you design a living room, but also the fabrics you select for that furniture. Family friendly furniture needs to be durable to stand the test of time with fabrics that combine style and strength.  

From soft and textural bouclé fabrics to the eco-luxe Richmond or the jewel-toned Preston Velvet, the King Living Collection has a fabric to cater to every taste. Add KingGuard+ fabric treatment for an extra level of protection, making your furniture even easier to care for. 

King Living Sofas feature removable covers that can be replaced for a fresh new look or when your family needs change. Opt for a durable, hard wearing fabric choice with young children knowing that with the King Care® service you can order new custom covers in the future. With an engineered steel frame and premium materials, King Living Sofas are built to last, seeing your family through its many stages. 


Featuring the Jasper Sofa in Prestige Saddle Leather, Seymour Mid Swivel Chair & Footstool in Whiteley Osprey, Nomad Rug in Natural and Issho Coffee Table Smoked Oak.

Finishing touches


The final layer of family room design is the accents that breathe personality into the space. Think textural rugs that are soft underfoot and provide the perfect cosy spot for imaginative play. Or a coffee table that can double as a board game surface for family game nights.

King Living Smart Accessories cater to the needs of modern family living, playing a functional role without impacting on the interior style. The collection includes charge tables, lamps and speaker brackets that seamlessly integrate with King Living Sofas, like the Jasper Sofa.  

Design your family living room with King Living 


With modern living room furniture suitable for any living area design, the King Living Collection offers premium quality and style. Explore the Living Collection and discover the furniture that will see your family through its many stages.