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Explore the King Living Bouclé Fabric Collection


With its inviting tactility, luxurious sophistication and timeless appeal, the bouclé fabric trend is here to stay.  

Bouclé in interior design is a statement of personality. Whether it’s a 3-seater sofa or a simple cushion, the introduction of the signature bouclé texture into a space adds comfort, warmth and style. 

We explore the bouclé trend, why it’s an increasingly popular choice and key bouclé fabrics from the King Living Fabric Collection.


Featuring the Fleur 3 Seater in Boyd Autumn Mist and Fleur Tub Chair in Leura Natural White.


The history of bouclé fabric


Bouclé is a French word that means ‘curled’ or ‘looped’. This reflects the loops of yarn that give bouclé its distinctive nubby texture. Traditionally made with wool, bouclé has evolved over the years and is now made with a range of fibres.  

Given its luxurious and textural nature, bouclé fabric was a staple of mid-century interiors, featuring heavily on sofas, cushions and armchairs. It was also popularised in fashion by Coco Chanel when she used it for her signature suit designs. 

In recent years, bouclé has seen a reemergence, particularly in interior design. It’s a timeless choice that brings dimension into a space, combining style, sophistication and cosiness.


Featuring the 1977 Sofa in Leura Natural White. Styled with the Fleur Tub Chair in Leura Natural White, Issho Coffee Table in American Walnut, Marion Rug in Sandstone and Bongo Medium in Richmond Tobacco.


Styling with bouclé


The appeal of bouclé fabric isn’t just in its supreme softness and comforting texture. Bouclé is a durable fabric that’s resistant to wear and easy to maintain. It’s also highly adaptable, suited to both muted neutrals and bolder colour palettes.  

Given its versatility, bouclé is ideal for a range of different furniture.




A bouclé sofa can serve as the focal point in the living room. A heavy duty bouclé will be long lasting on such a high traffic piece of furniture. As bouclé is highly tactile, introduce velvet, linen or chenille cushions to provide a contrasting texture for aesthetic appeal.



Featuring the Fleur Tub Swivel Armchair in Leura Biscotti, Spia Pendant Light in Congo/American Walnut and Antipodes Organic Rug in Natural White.



Adding a bouclé armchair into a living space or bedroom is a subtle way to introduce the textural fabric. The distinctive fabric will contrast beautifully against other furniture in the room, adding depth and dimension in the styling while still allowing the centrepiece sofa to shine.



Featuring the Cassia Ottoman in Bowen Natural.



An even more subtle way to bring bouclé into your styling is with an ottoman. A bouclé ottoman is highly functional, serving as extra seating, a footrest or even as an occasional table. If grouping ottomans together, using different bouclé colours adds an extra layer of visual appeal.



Featuring the Serenade Storage Bed in Bowen Natural White. Styled with the Marion Rug in Sandstone and Bongo Large.



A bouclé bed is a luxurious backdrop for sleep, creating an inviting and comfortable space. Bouclé pairs well with traditional bedding, such as linen or cotton, easily adapting as you update bedding through the seasons.


The King Living bouclé collection   


There are four luxurious bouclé fabrics in the King Living collection, each with their own unique textural qualities.




The hero of Bowen bouclé is renewable and biodegradable Australian wool. This is blended with cotton and acrylic resulting in a fabric that’s soft and comfortable, all year round. 

Bowen is suitable for medium domestic settings making it ideal for armchairs and ottomans. It’s available in three classic neutral shades to suit different interior styles.






Boyd bouclé offers a unique tonal weave in a contemporary neutral colour palette. The high durability of the fabric is achieved through a blend of acrylic, polyester, cotton, viscose, linen and jute fibres. 

While Boyd is a hard-wearing fabric, it’s also incredibly soft to touch. For a bouclé modular sofa in a busy family living room, Boyd will stand the test of time as a classic style.






With a broad colour palette ranging from neutrals to bold statement colours, Brunswick bouclé is a versatile choice. The chenille has a tufted surface that adds to the appeal of this hardwearing bouclé. 

The undeniable cosiness of Brunswick makes it the perfect choice for any bouclé furniture in any room in the home.






Leura bouclé features a colour palette inspired by nature, including light neutrals, shades of brown and serene greens. The three-dimensional looped weave resonates with contemporary design, inviting relaxation. 

A resilient choice, Leura is just as suited to a large modular sofa as it is a small ottoman or single cushion.



Featuring the Aura Sofa and Aura Ottoman in Brunswick Ricepaper.


Bring bouclé into your space


With King Living, you have endless choices to introduce bouclé into your space. Once you’ve selected your furniture, choose from any fabric in the King Living fabric collection, including the four stylish bouclés. Or give your existing King Living furniture a fresh new bouclé look with new covers. 

Explore the King Living collection and bring bouclé into your space. 


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