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Choosing the perfect dining table finish for your interior style


In any room, it’s not just the furniture design you choose that matters. The right finish can elevate the aesthetic and set the tone of the room. The same is true for dining table finishes where the dining table is the centrepiece of the room. 

From the warmth of timber to the sophistication of marble and the durability of ceramic, King Living offers a range of signature, premium dining table finishes. Each caters to different design preferences and styles, with options to customise each dining table in the collection to your taste.  

In our guide to how to choose a dining table finish we share the characteristics of each option to help you select the perfect one for your space.


Featuring the Heritage Dining Extension Table in Natural Oak and Heirloom Dining Chair in TrueTouch Wattleseed and Natural Oak.


Featuring the Aspen DIning Table in Onyx.



A timber dining table adds a touch of natural elegance and warmth to a dining space. At King Living, we use timber veneer with a refined finish that reflects the texture of hardwood with a consistent grain pattern. Timber veneer is lightweight and less prone to warping and splitting compared with solid timber. 

Every dining table in the King Living Collection can be customised in your choice of signature timber finishes: 

  • American Walnut: a rich and sophisticated timber that pairs beautifully with both traditional and contemporary decor as a versatile choice. 
  • Smoked Oak: a unique smoky-grey tone with cool undertones that contrasts well against neutral colours or pairs well with industrial-inspired decor. 
  • Onyx: a luxurious dark finish that creates a striking contrast against lighter-coloured furniture to add depth and dimension to your dining space. 
  • Natural Oak (only available in the Heritage and Magnolia Dining Table): a timeless, golden-toned finish that celebrates the organic beauty of oak. 

Timber is a natural material and will have unique characteristics, such as grain or colour variations. To avoid warping and discolouration, it’s best to position timber furniture away from direct sunlight.


Featuring the Quay Dining Table in Carrara Marble and Quay Dining Chairs in Whiteley Osprey.



Marble is a luxury material that adds a touch of opulence into any space. A marble dining table helps to create an environment of sophistication and elegance. 

In addition to the signature King Living timber dining table finishes, the Quay and Issho Dining Table are also available marble finishes: 

  • Nero Marquina: sourced from Northern Spain and featuring a rich, black backdrop with a tracery of white veins and the occasional earthy, ochre tone for a warm aesthetic. 
  • Carrara: originating from Tuscany, Italy and with a cool white backdrop interlaced with delicate, natural grey veins for a versatile finish. Available for the Quay Dining Table only. 


Featuring the Quay Dining Table in Carrara Marble and Quay Dining Chairs in Whiteley Osprey.


Each piece of marble is carefully polished and sealed to reduce the porosity of the marble. This makes it more resistant to stains and easier to maintain. As with timber, marble is a natural material and may develop a unique patina over time, adding to the character and charm of the finish.


Featuring the Issho Round Dining Table in a Nero Marquina Ceramic tabletop and Smoked Oak base, and Amara Soft Dining Chairs in Onyx.



King Living also offers the Quay Dining Table in a high-performance ceramic finish that mimics the beauty of natural stone and provides easy-care benefits. Thanks to its exceptional resistance to spills, stains and temperature variations, ceramic is the perfect choice for busy family spaces and can even transition from indoors to outdoors.


Featuring the Quay Dining Table in Pumice Ceramic Quay Dining Chair.


The Quay Ceramic Dining Table is designed to withstand the demands of daily life without compromising on style. Available in two shades – Pumice and Slate – both highly durable and resistant to scratches, chips and cracks.


Style considerations


To create a cohesive style, your dining table finish should complement your existing decor and colour scheme.  

If your furniture is a more traditional or classic style, a timber finish such as American Walnut or Natural Oak can help to maintain consistency. For more contemporary spaces, consider a sleeker choice such as a Smoked Oak timber or Nero Marquina marble.  

In a home with cool, neutral tones, the subtle elegance of Carrara marble or the clean, modern look of a ceramic tabletop may be the ideal choice. Or for more warm, earthy tones opt for one of the timber finishes, like Smoked Oak. Contrasting elements, such as a dark Nero Marquina marble tabletop with light-coloured dining chairs can also create visual interest and depth in your dining room.


Featuring the Issho Dining Table and Amara Dining Chairs in American Walnut.

Discover the King Living Dining collection


The King Living Collection features a dining table to suit every style, all customisable in our signature, premium finishes.  

Explore the collection and dine in style with Australian-designed furniture that’s built to last for generations.


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