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Dining Table Comparison: Issho vs Quay vs Aspen vs Canyon

Australia's multi award-winning sofa


Over the span of ten years, a family dining table will witness 2,400 meals, 100 roast dinners, many celebratory dinners, and 93 notable announcements1. 

A central gathering place in your family home, you form many memories around the dining table. 

Inspired by these precious moments, the KING range of contemporary dining tables feature soft forms and refined finishes to bring an aura of warmth and balance to your dining space. 

Our durable contemporary designs are crafted to withstand the years of use and memories. In this article, we will compare four of our most popular dining tables - Issho, Quay, Aspen and Canyon - in size, style, customisation, materials and drawbacks.  

After comparing these four designs, you will know which KING Dining Table best suits your home, personal aesthetic and needs. 


Jasper IIThe Issho Dining Table featured in Onyx is paired with the Amara Dining Chair. 

Why Issho could be your perfect dining table


Meaning “together” in Japanese, Issho is a fitting name for the place where you will gather with family and friends. 




Defined by a series of curved pillars forming a dynamic base, Issho's sculptural design is both distinctively beautiful and functional. 

Embracing the KING ethos of modular flexibility, the curved pillars harmoniously connect to the tabletop in upwards, downwards, front and back facing positions. This flexibility allows you to position the pillars in an open or plinth base. Each position dramatically transforms Issho's appearance while remaining perfectly balanced and inviting.  

For the plinth base position, you must use the floor plate. 


Jasper IIThe Issho is available in a round or rectangle shape and customisable in three premium timber veneer finishes or a ceramic tabletop.  


Size & Customisation


Issho is available in three signature premium timber finishes; Onyx, American Walnut and Smoked Oak. Exclusive to KING, the veneer champions the rich depth of the sustainably sourced natural timber. 

You can also customise your Issho with a durable ceramic tabletop. With grey and white veining, the ceramic top resembles Nero Marquina marble. Available on the timber veneer or ceramic tabletop, the optional integrated Lazy Susan on the ceramic tabletop makes for easy entertaining.  

Popular Issho Dining styles and sizes include: 


Australia's multi award-winning sofaThe Round Issho Dining Table featuring a ceramic tabletop and lazy Susan.  




Factors that influence the price of your Issho Dining Table are the tabletop finish, table size and optional integrated lazy Susan. 

Visit the product page to discover the full range of Issho Dining Tables, material options and prices, including any sales or promotional offers.   


Why Issho might not be right for you


With angular pillars that form the base, Issho is bold and distinctive—a design choice that brings contemporary flair to your space. 

While the soft round edges create balance and social appeal, Issho may not be suitable for you if you prefer tables with defined edges and strong rectangular forms.   


Jasper IIWith elegant-tapered legs and a marble tabletop, Quay Dining is sophisticated and beautifully simple.  


Why Quay could be your perfect dining table


A considered design refined by curved edges and elegantly tapered legs, the Quay Dining Table offers understated elegance and sophistication. 




Embracing soft curved edges paired with a carefully selected material palette, the Quay Dining Table pays subtle tribute to the sweeping contours of Sydney's most famous quay and adjacent architectural icon – The Sydney Opera House. 

The tabletop, available in marble, timber veneer, or a porcelain ceramic finish, sits on a deceivingly robust all-aluminium base. The sleek and elegantly tapered legs give a weightless appearance with clean, streamlined contours. The high-performance porcelain ceramic finish is suitable for both indoor and outdoor living.  

While understated elegance and simplicity are the prevailing aesthetic, Quay is exceptionally sophisticated in design details that unveil over time and through use.  

When confronted with uneven terrains, the adjustable foot caps allow you to effortlessly level the table while the legs are removable to accommodate navigating tight spaces or moving. 


Jasper IIThe Quay Dining Table is available in marble, timber veneer, or a porcelain ceramic finish. 


Size & Customisation


Available in various sizes and luxury materials, Quay's graceful form will complement a range of dining chairs and interiors. 

The sleek tabletop is available in our three signature timber veneer finishes, a Carrara marble and two ceramic finishes; Pumice and Slate.  

The option of a high-performance ceramic top and KingCote® frame make Quay suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The UV stable, heat resistant, non-porous and high-performance ceramic top beautifully retains the look and tactile properties of natural stone. 

Popular Quay Dining Table sizes and styles include: 

Extension tables are also available in the Quay Collection.  


Available in a high-performance ceramic top, Quay is designed for indoor-outdoor living.  




Embracing luxury, longevity and versatility, Quay Dining Table prices vary according to the size and selected luxury material finish.  

Visit the product page to discover the full range of Quay Dining Tables, material options and prices, including any sales or promotional offers.    


Why Quay might not be right for you


The Quay Dining Table finishes draw on a carefully selected palette of marble, ceramic and timber. While these finishes complement the refined silhouette, the six-seater and eight-seater designs are heavy and may not suit you if you move regularly. 

Quay may also not be suitable for you if you live in an apartment due to accessibility. Tight doorways, stairwells, lifts, and hallways can impact delivery capability. 


Australia's multi award-winning sofaAspen Dining Table, featured above in Onyx, is paired with the Aspen Dining Chairs. 

Why Aspen could be your perfect dining table


With sleek geometric forms and crafted using traditional joinery methods, Aspen offers a contemporary take on modernist design. 




Boasting a distinctive angular base, the Aspen Dining Table features a solid tabletop layered in a plank design. 

Carefully selected for its durability, the sustainably sourced timber offers natural beauty and warmth.  

With clean lines, sculptured angles and balanced proportions, Aspen Dining embodies angular sophistication.  

The solid tabletop rests lightly but confidently on the sculpted V-shaped legs, a design signature of the Aspen Dining Collection. 


Size & Customisation


The Aspen Dining Table is available in our three timber veneer finishes and two sizes; 2400 centimetres by 1180 centimetres (94.5" by 46.5") and 2950 centimetres by 1180 centimetres (116" by 46.5") 

The timber veneers are hand-treated and lightly toned to enhance the depth and natural variation of the timber.  




Aspen Dining Table prices vary according to the size of the design, there is no difference in price between the three timber veneer finishes.  

Visit the product page to discover the full range of Aspen Dining Tables, material options and prices, including any sales or promotional offers.     



Jasper IIAspen, featured above in American Walnut, is hand-treated, leaving a textured surface and honey highlights. 


Why Aspen might not be right for you


With sleek-angular forms, Aspen brings contemporary flair and sophistication to the space, which may not suit your personal tastes or interior.  

While the solid tabletop and sculpted timber legs offer a clean aesthetic and balanced proportions, some may find the design too angular or masculine.  

Aspen is available in two rectangular sizes. If you are looking for a round table or a design with curved forms, Aspen is not the right table for you. 


Jasper IIShown above in American Walnut, the Canyon Dining Table features sculptured legs and a sleek tabletop. 


Why Canyon could be your perfect dining table


Characterised by a refined sled base and bevelled tabletop, the Canyon Dining Table embraces classical elegance. 




With a sleek tabletop resting softly on angular sled legs, Canyon is sophisticated and strikingly simple. 

Inspired by the elegance of minimalism, the soft timber veneer balances perfectly with the sculptural form of the legs to create an intimate and welcoming dining space. 


Size & Customisation


Crafted from high-quality materials and finished with meticulous detail, Canyon is engineered for longevity and endless precious moments.  

Balanced by the sleek tabletop and sled legs, the sustainably sourced timber adds warmth and depth to your space. 

Available in rectangle and round designs, the removable legs are constructed from solid timber to maintain structural integrity. The flexibility to detach the legs is beneficial when moving home or needing to navigate through a tight space. 

Popular Canyon Dining Table sizes and styles include: 


Jasper II Canyon's sculpted sled legs support the sleek tabletop, while timber veneer finishes bring warmth to the space. 




Canyon Dining Tables vary in price according to the size and style of the design. 

Visit the product page to discover the full range of Canyon Dining Tables, material options and prices, including any sales or promotional offers.     


Why Canyon might not be right for you


Inspired by elegant minimalistic design, Aspen features subtly rounded forms balanced with clean lines.  

The design is strikingly simple in its natural beauty while equally bold with sculpted-angular forms. Similar to the Aspen Dining Table, Canyon's modern and minimalistic design may not suit all aesthetics and interiors. 


Jasper IIWhen searching for your perfect dining table, remember to measure your space and consider table size, style, price and material. 


Customising your perfect dining table


Along with the countless meals and conversations, the average dining table will witness hundreds of drink and food spills, 104 moments of passion, 594 homework sessions, 259 kids' tantrums and hours of admin work over ten years2.  

Your dining table is a central gathering place in your home, making it an important furnishing decision.  

The perfect dining table for your home will fall within your budget and anchor the space while meeting your comfort and functionality needs.  

Inspired by all the memories, moments and meals, the above-mentioned dining tables are customisable to suit your home and personal style. Having compared size, style, customisation, materials and price, you can now decide which dining table is best for your home.   

If you are ready to customise the perfect dining table for your home, you can visit a KING Showroom, shop online, or book a consultation to speak with one of our experts who can assist you with designing your dining table. 

For cohesion and balance in your dining space, consider pairing your KING Dining Table with our curated range of KING Dining Chairs. If you need some advice on how to choose the right dining table for your space, read our dining table guide.