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Explore the Unique Boyd Bouclé Fabric


Soft and luxurious, yet incredibly durable and hard-wearing, Boyd is a contemporary and textural Italian bouclé. With a unique composition, intriguing tonal weave and fresh neutral colour palette, Boyd is a fabric that offers sophistication in any space. 

Learn more about the appeal of the Boyd fabric for modern living and styling.


Featuring the Zaza Armchair in Boyd Autumn Mist.


A blend like no other

The incredible texture and tonal weave of Boyd is achieved thanks to the distinctive blend of fibres used. That blend consists of acrylic, polyester, cotton, viscose, linen and jute. 

"Boyd is loved for its rich texture and multi-tonal weave. While the blend of fibres works together to offer this beautiful look and feel, it’s the durability created that makes Boyd a customer favourite.”  – Sebastian Nash, King Living Fabric & Leather Development Manager  

Designed for heavy duty domestic usage, Boyd will perform well on a living room sofa or armchair that sees high traffic and usage. The blend of fibres wears well and the multi-tonal effect in the fabric is ideal for busy family life. 


The Boyd Collection offers a calming palette of neutral colourways.


A celebration of neutrals

The Boyd palette is sophisticated and contemporary, with each of the five shades in the collection playing to the tonal beauty of the textural weave. 

Across the neutral palette, the lighter shades of Autumn Mist, Natural and Linen contrast against the darker tones of Basalt and Silver. The combination of tonal yarns in each colour adds intrigue to the palette, introducing new possibilities for styling in every space. 

What this fabric does so well is create an alluring depth and interest. It makes a bold neutral statement while highlighting different shades within the weave.


Featuring the Quay Counter Stool in Boyd Linen. 

Styling with texture


The texture and high durability of the Boyd fabric combine to make it well suited as a covering for sofas and dining chairs. On a sofa like the Fleur, the rich bouclé texture brings a new dimension to the timeless design. Likewise with the curves of the Amara Dining Chair. 

To create depth in a living room, introduce different textures alongside the Boyd fabric. Consider the dense weave and smooth finish of the conscious KingSuede™ Futuro with a greater depth of neutral colour choices. To balance texture while introducing more colour into the space, opt for the supreme softness of the eco-luxe Richmond or the rich jewel tones of Preston Velvet 


The Fleur Sofa is featured in Boyd Autumn Mist. 

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Alternatively, lean into other textured fabrics with a complimentary neutral colour palette, such as
Bowen bouclé or the organic shades of Whiteley 

The tonal weave of the Boyd range allows for flexibility to pair with different colours. The subtle addition of cushions to a Boyd sofa can bring out different highlights within the weave and completely change the styling. 

Hardwearing and durable without compromising on luxury and comfort, Boyd is a celebration of texture with a sophisticated colour palette. Visit a King Living Showroom or Order Swatches to see and feel the fabric in person. 

Explore the King Living Fabric and Leather Collection or Order Swatches. 

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