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Bouclé reimagined in the KING Bowen Collection

First invented in the late 1940s, a modern bouclé revival has seen this luxe fabric gain widespread popularity around the globe. Bowen, the KING take on this distinctive fabric, is made with Australian wool, staying true to the heritage of the KING brand. 

Ideal for year-round comfort and versatile styling, get to know Bowen, a reimagined bouclé for contemporary living.



What is bouclé?


Derived from the French word meaning ‘curled’ or ‘looped’, the signature bouclé fabric style is a highly tactile looped yarn. While it has a diverse array of interior applications, where bouclé really shines is in furniture upholstery, perfectly balancing cosy comfort and luxurious style.  

The French couture houses use bouclé fabric extensively for its impressively indulgent appearance and feel. Bouclé works so well in the KING fabric collection thanks to its stylish elegance and textural appeal. Bowen was born.


Featuring the Promenade Bed in Bowen Natural White.


Soft, textural and durable


Made from renewable and biodegradable Australian wool, Bowen is effortlessly and naturally soft. The lush, nubby texture adds a delightful tactile element that enhances the softness of the fabric. 

While wool is the core fibre used in Bowen, this is also blended with cotton and acrylic for added durability. The result is a fabric that is easy to maintain and clean, suitable for medium domestic use.  

With natural fibres making up the bulk of Bowen, it is a highly breathable fabric. Warm and comforting in winter, Bowen invites deep relaxation. In the warmer months, Bowen’s charm lies in its breathability and undeniable comfort.  


Bowen is the KING take on the distinctive bouclé fabric.


Bowen styling and palette


Bowen is available in three classic colours that highlight the textural qualities of the fabric. From the intense black Domino, to the soft White Natural and organic Morning Mist, the shades work with a range of interior styles. 

Given the statement texture of the fabric, Bowen works well on armchairs or ottomans. The curves on the Fleur Armchair and the enveloping arms of the Oliver Tub Chair lend themselves ideally to Bowen.  


The Cassia Ottoman in Bowen Natural.


To create interest through contrasting textures, build a cluster of Crescent Ottomans in Bowen and Prestige Leather. Pair with other textures, such as the vivacious and soft Preston Velvet or the raw, organic Whiteley. Bowen on a Cassia Daybed and Ottoman adds a relaxed sense of luxury. Or add texture to a leather sofa with a selection of cushions in Bowen. 

The neutral shades of the Bowen collection work just as well with other neutrals as they do with bold pops of colour. This colour versatility is another string in Bowen’s bow. Mix similar white shades in different textures for a light and airy feel. Or lean into a maximalist interior style with unique colour combinations and contrasts. 

As stunning as Bowen appears in images, the texture and colour come to life when you touch and feel the fabric in person. Visit a KING Showroom or order swatches to enjoy the rich colours and soft texture of this contemporary fabric. 

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