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Effortless Bedroom Styling for Every Season


As the seasons change, so too should our spaces. Particularly the bedroom, a sanctuary of sleep and relaxation. From the cosiness of winter, the airy freshness of summer, it’s only natural that our bedrooms mirror the seasonal transitions. 

No matter your bedroom design aesthetic, changing your bedroom styling with the seasons adds a dynamic element to your home. Simple design touches can have a dramatic effect at changing the look and feel of a room, without needing to overhaul the entire design. 

We explore seasonal bedroom styling with bedroom design tips for every season, including pieces from the King Living Bedroom Collection.


Featuring the Bellaire Bed, Serenade Bedside Table, and Pallino Table Lamp.


Spring: A breath of fresh air


After the chill of winter, spring is a season of new beginnings.  

Settling into spring starts with a lighter, fresher colour scheme to visually brighten the space. Pastel shades and bright airy tones, like pinks, greys and whites are synonymous with spring. Update your bedding with a patterned coverlet in spring hues. Contrast with white pillows and sheets to reflect the brightness of the season. 

For bedding, opt for breathable fabrics like cotton or linen. They help to regulate temperature while you sleep, ensuring you stay cool as the nights start to warm up. 

A potted plant or a vase of fresh flowers or lush greenery on your bedside table helps to bring the beautiful nature of spring to your interiors. The Pallino Table Lamp in Enamel White adds a brightness to the space.


Featuring the Serenade Soft Storage Bed in Bowen Natural White, Bongo Large, Bongo High and Marion Rug in Sandstone.


Featuring the Monument Tall, Serenade Bed (left) and Bongo (right).


Summer: Embrace simplicity


When the temperature is heating up outdoors in the summer months, your bedroom should be a cool, calm oasis to escape from the heat. 

While spring and autumn may still call for some blankets for warmth, that’s certainly not the case in summer. Make the most of innovative storage solutions, such as the Serenade Storage Bed. The bed features easy-lift gas struts that reveal internal storage for keeping blankets and the like out of the way when not required. 

For bedding, adopt a fresh colour palette with aqua blues, chalky whites or subtle greens. You can also opt for a tonal approach with earthy shades that reflect the warmth of the outdoors. Play with different hues through bed linens, rugs or throw pillows. Or even with the addition of vases and subtle summer greenery. 

As with spring, choose breathable fabrics that will keep you cooler while you sleep.


Featuring the Promenade Bed in Ashton Sand, Antipodes Organic Rug in Natural, Monument High in Driftwood and Solifiore Gymea Floor Lamp.


Autumn: Cosy comfort  


Autumn is a delightful reprieve of cosiness and comfort, with the promise of the quiet coolness of winter around the corner. 

Create a snug feel in your bedroom styling with the addition of a floor rug. Rugs help to insulate the floor, adding warmth and an element of style. The Antipodes Organic Rug in Natural is an ideal autumn addition. The organic shape reflects the beauty of nature and the lighter shade lifts the ambiance of the room. It will also transition beautifully through each season as a neutral base in the room. 

In the cooler months, dress your bed with heavier throws in blankets in textured fabrics like velvet or wool. Layer different materials and textures to create depth in the styling. Earthy tones like burnt orange or chocolate brown infuse warmth into the room, contrasting against the cooler weather outside.


Featuring the Encore Bed in Richmond Tobacco, Oliver Tub Chair, Cassia Ottoman, Dainelli Bedside Table, Marion Rug, and Pallino Table Lamp.


Winter: A sanctuary of warmth


In winter, the bedroom beckons, offering a cosy indoor haven. 

The earthy, neutral tones of autumn continue into winter, where deep, rich colours are perfectly at home. Layering is also key, adding thicker blankets and throw cushions in velvet or bouclé to introduce texture and depth to your bedroom decor. The Tana Cushion is a classic style that can be covered in any of the premium textiles from the King Living fabric and leather collection to suit your seasonal styling.  

For bedding in winter, swap your lighter bed linens with thermal, flannel or jersey-knit cotton sheets to retain warmth and comfort


Featuring the Encore Bed in Richmond Tobacco, Dainelli Bedside Table in Smoked Oak, and Marion Rug in Sandstone.


Effortless bedroom styling


Your bedroom styling starts with quality bedroom furniture, like from the King Living collection. From beds to mattresses, bedside tables and lighting, the collection includes everything you need to create a stylish bedroom sanctuary. 

Explore the Bedroom Collection and discover more bedroom design ideas to bring your bedroom styling to life, no matter the season.