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Timeless interior design that will stand the test of time

Trends come and go and fashion fades. But interior design that is timeless transcends passing fads to stand the test of time. 

Timeless interior design incorporates enduring qualities that create spaces with lasting appeal. Discover five timeless interior design trends that will ensure contemporary longevity in your home. 


Featuring the Issho Dining Table and Amara Dining Chair.


Natural materials


Natural materials and finishes, such as timber, and natural fibres, like linen, bring warmth into a space. They provide a connection to nature and enhance the modern style of indoor/outdoor living. 

Highly durable and inherently beautiful, natural materials have a timeless appeal. The texture and organic qualities of the materials help to create a harmonious environment and a calming, grounded aesthetic. 

The sculptural form of the Issho Dining Table adds to the natural beauty of the premium timber veneers. Pair with the Amara Dining Chair to accentuate the timber, or choose a fabric chair, such as the Quay Indoor Dining Chair, to introduce colour and texture into the styling. 


Featuring King Cove Outdoor, Monument Rectangle Coffee Table, Luna Outdoor Chair and the Esperance Rug.


Sustainable design


Timeless interior design considers the long-term impact of choices made today, ensuring a sustainable and enduring environment for future generations. Through utilising sustainable materials, such as eco-friendly textiles, sustainable design showcases a commitment to creating timeless spaces that are in harmony with the planet. 

King Living furniture is crafted on a foundation of sustainable design. This starts with the engineered steel frame that’s designed to last a lifetime and continues with the King Care offering. Designed with removable covers, King Living furniture can be easily recovered decades after it was purchased for truly timeless interiors. For a fully sustainable choice, explore recycled polyester rugs like Esperance and Avalon crafted from 100% recycled plastic bottles. 


Featuring the Delta Sofa with Smart Charge Table and Lume Smart Light. 


Smart home technology integration


Timeless design interiors aren’t just the aesthetic and style elements of a home. It’s also about adaptability and embracing updates that enhance our everyday lives. The integration of smart home technology ensures a future-proof space defined by ease and comfort. 

King Living Smart Accessories seamlessly integrate with your furniture. The wiring and controls are concealed so as not to impinge on the style of the room. Add a Smart Charge Table for charging devices, a Smart Light with touchless gesture lighting and dimming controls or a Smart Speaker Bracket for an immersive sound experience. 


Featuring Serenade Soft Storage Bed in Bowen Natural White, styled with the Marion Rug and Bongo.


Neutral colour palettes


Long favoured for their versatility, neutral colour palettes evoke a sense of calm and sophistication, allowing other design elements to take centre stage. Whether it’s a monochromatic scheme or layers of neutral shades, muted and tonal hues are the ideal base for building a timeless style. 

By using a neutral base, you have the freedom to experiment with texture, patterns and pops of colour through artwork and accessories. With a timeless backdrop of neutrals, you can easily update your accent pieces to suit changing preferences. 

To ensure longevity, choose quality, durable fabrics. In the King Living fabric collection, you’ll find premium fabrics and leathers designed to stand the test of time. From the textured Bowen bouclé to the eco-luxe Richmond, the playful Olley and the luxurious Preston Velvet, you can experiment with colour and texture with timeless appeal. Protection with KingGuard+ provides added peace of mind. 


Featuring Jasper in Whitely Riverstone, Nomad Rug in Dove and the Issho Coffee Table and Side Table in Smoked Oak.


Open floor plans


A feature of contemporary homes is an open floor plan. By removing barriers and walls between different living areas, open floor plans create a sense of spaciousness and connectivity. This allows natural light to flow through the home, creating a bright and timeless ambiance. 

In terms of interior choices, open floor plans offer flexibility to create different zones within a single space. Whether it’s creating a cosy nook, a home office corner or an expansive living area, you can personalise the layout to your needs and preferences. 

Modular sofas are ideal for modern open plan living. They provide the ability to seamlessly reconfigure for different spaces and needs, without compromising on style or comfort. Utilise clever hidden storage, such as in the Jasper Modular Sofa, to enhance the openness of the space. 


Forever design


The concepts of timeless interior design are inherently tied to the King Living philosophy. From the very beginning of King Living in 1977, we’ve woven sustainability, durability and flexibility through every piece of furniture we’ve produced. 

Discover our Sofas, Living, Dining, Outdoor, Home Office and Rug Collections, built on a legacy of timeless design principles. 

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