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The Art of Living with Sebastian Nash

14 Aug 2020 |  Design

Art of Living 2020


The Art of Living is rooted in a view of simplicity, authenticity and casual luxury. In this series, we explore the art of living through the eyes of leading Australian creatives.

To endure the harsh Australian climate, King Living’s Fabric Development Manager, Sebastian Nash collaborated with one of the most well-known fabric manufacturers to craft the most luxurious yet durable covers for the new King outdoor collection. Responsible for designing some of King’s most iconic textiles, Sebastian’s collections are shaped and inspired by the Australian landscape and way of life, ensuring a deep resonance with our customers.

Art of Living 2020

The Zaza Outdoor sofa in the Malibu Blush fabric. 

Tell us about the new outdoor fabrics

Sebastian Nash: When designing the outdoor fabric collection for King Living, we knew we needed a product that fit the relaxed Australian lifestyle but could also withstand the extreme Australian climate. This led to our collaboration with Sunbrella® - created in the USA in 1961, with an unparalleled 30+ year legacy in Australia.

We worked with Sunbrella to engineer a range of outdoor fabrics that are easy to care for but also beautiful with a soft feel. All our Sunbrella® covering fabrics have an added waterproof finish to extend the life of the furniture – and they’re also made with solution-dyed acrylic, making the fabrics resistant to fading and the degrading effects of sunlight. This also allows the fabric to be cleaned easily and safely with bleach without losing its colour.

Like King Living, Sunbrella® is committed to sustainability and reducing the impact on the environment - from the longevity of the furniture and textiles, the opportunity to recycle, and the use of solar energy in their production plants.

Art of Living 2020

The Zaza Outdoor sofa in the Malibu Silver fabric.

What was the inspiration behind the fabrics?

SN: This “Great Southern Land” has many areas of outstanding natural beauty and wonder - from the Remarkable Rocks on Kangaroo Island, the bubblegum-pink Lake Hillier in the pristine wilderness of the Recherche Archipelago, The Twelve Apostles along the Great Ocean Road, the majestic Cradle Mountain, the 240 kilometres of shoreline that is Sydney Harbour, to the Great Barrier Reef and the uniquely Australian outback with its heart, Uluru.

The designs for the King Living outdoor collection are crafted to feel relaxed, easy-going and Antipodean.

The colour palette for the fabrics reflect the colours of the Australian landscape. The blush pink and terracotta oranges are reminiscent of the Outback, the silver sandstone colours reflect the foundations of Sydney, while the eucalyptus green of the bush and seafoam colours symbolise the surf.

Spanning 14 countries, the inspiration for the large over scale hand-drawn design, Oceania, is the unique landscapes of the largest country in Oceania, the "island continent” of Australia.

The designs for the King Living outdoor collection are crafted to feel relaxed, easy-going and Antipodean.

Art of Living 2020

The new Oceania jacquard fabric design coming soon.

Oceania is modern with a carefree and relaxed attitude When you cover your outdoor furniture in Oceania it adds a bold statement without distracting from the elegant lines of the furniture.

The Seacliff design was inspired by the rugged shoreline facing the wild Tasman sea and photos taken on a boat trip from Great Oyster Bay to Wineglass Bay. The pixelated marks add depth and visual texture to your covered furniture.

There are also two new designs for cushions called Whitewater and Reef Stripe.

When flying into Australia from overseas in the early morning, you may be lucky enough to see the ocean and the waves hitting the shoreline. Whitewater was inspired by the shapes these waves create when seen from above. It was drawn using simple linework to produce a design that is strong and contemporary.

Reef Stripe was designed to reflect Australia’s uniquely relaxed yet sophisticated personality. It feels like you’re resting on one of the Whitsunday island beaches looking out onto the Great Barrier Reef. Drawn like marks made by a stick in untouched sand, Reef Stripe is simple yet elegant.

What does the art of living mean to you?

SN: Living your creative truth. I always think the most interesting homes and spaces don’t follow exact style rules. Cover your furniture in colours you love and don’t worry if they are not the “in colour” of the season. Add patterns that give you joy and make you feel happy. Seasons come and go but good design mixed with that individual feeling at home is what lasts.

Art of Living 2020

Fabric featured - top left: Whitewater Sand, Malibu Eucalyptus, Maldives White; bottom left: Reef Stripe Sunset; right: Reef Stripe, Malibu Blush, Maldives White

What inspires your work overall?

SN: When designing collections, you have to have a deep understanding of the key elements of the brand. I look to the Australian landscape and lifestyle for my inspiration = we have amazing creativity within our art, architectural and design communities who have a slightly different visual language and outlook to the rest of the world.

The light is also very different from the rest of the world. With our big skies, the light feels stronger and sharper. This directly affects the way we see and how I develop colour.

Art of Living 2020