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Guide to monochrome interior styling


A classic combination of black and white is always timeless.

The secret is finding a balance of colours and tones, incorporating texture, and adding natural elements to create a harmonious and cohesive space.

Whether you are creating an entirely new modern home design or transforming the colour scheme of one room, we have compiled the top tips for styling with a monochromatic colour palette.


Featuring the 1977 Chair Module in Leura Natural White.


What is a monochromatic colour combination?


While traditionally monochromatic refers to varying shades of a single colour, in modern interior design, using combination black, white, and grey can also be considered a monochromatic scheme.

This approach creates a sleek, sophisticated look that relies on the contrast and balance between these neutral tones without the use of additional colours.

The inclusion of black, white, and grey allows for depth, contrast, and visual interest, making it a versatile choice for creating elegant, timeless interiors.


Featuring the Aspen Dining Table and Aspen Dining Chairs in Congo.


What are the benefits of monochromatic interior design?


Monochromatic interior design offers several benefits, including creating a harmonious a space that can visually enlarge rooms and enhance the sense of calm.

Where colour can feel like noise, the simplicity of a monochromatic palette can bring serenity and grounding to your home.

A monochromatic palette simplifies colour choice, making decorating decisions easier and allowing texture and shape to take centre stage.

This design approach also provides a timeless elegance, ensuring the space remains stylistically relevant over time, and allows for easy updates with accent pieces without overhauling the entire colour scheme.

Adding occasional chairs and cushions in colourful fabrics can be a simple addition if you would like to add colour over time.

Explore the King Living range of Occasional Chairs, and explore our Fabric Collection, offering an extensive range of luxury leathers and fabric.


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How to design a perfect monochromatic colour palette


Designing a perfect monochromatic palette starts with choosing a base colour that resonates with the space's intended mood.

For a black, white, and grey scheme, balance is key. It’s recommended to use white as the dominant colour for its ability to reflect light and make spaces appear larger and more open.

If you overdo the black, the result can be too hard and minimal. Black can be used sparingly as an accent to introduce depth and sophistication, while grey acts as the mediator, providing a soft transition that ties the look together.


Featuring the Jasper Sofa in Richmond Ink.


Is texture important in a monochromatic colour palette?


Texture plays a vital role in a monochromatic colour palette. It adds depth and interest to the space, preventing it from feeling flat or monotonous.

In the absence of colour variety, texture variation—from smooth and sleek to rough and tactile—introduces visual and sensory contrast.

This can enhance the overall aesthetic, making the design more dynamic and engaging. Textures can also influence the mood of a room, contributing to the ambiance through materials like soft fabrics, polished metals, or rustic woods.

Texture can be effectively added through furniture and interior accessories. Incorporating different materials and finishes in items such as sofas, cushions, rugs, and decorative objects can significantly enhance the room's depth and visual interest.


Featuring the Serenade Marble Bedside Table in Congo wood finish.


Is it recommended to add natural elements to a monochromatic interior?


Adding natural elements like wood and stone and bringing natural indoor plants to a monochromatic interior is highly recommended.

Wood introduces warmth and texture, enhancing the depth of the space, while plants add a lively touch and can serve as a focal point, bringing a refreshing contrast and vitality to the room.

These elements help break the monotony, adding layers of interest and promoting a connection with nature.


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Offering a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic, a monochromatic palette is both modern and timeless.

By learning to find a balance of colours and tones, adding texture and natural elements, you can create a modern home interior and transform both the look and feel of your home.

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