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Modern Monochrome

Since 1977, King Living has been at the forefront of Australian design and are proud to recognise design talent and gorgeous living spaces. Concept Build, a thriving custom luxury home and development builder located in Victoria, have shared with us their recent project in Doncaster, masterfully building and styling a high-end home with a selection of King Living pieces.

Matt Murison and Andrew Gregorio of Concept Build, working alongside David and Carly Tennant of Sync Design, have brought a high-end product to a 650 square meter block, demonstrating the possibility of creating a large yet maintainable, functional living space. Their fifth project together, Concept Build and Sync Design recently won the BDAV award for best home up to $1 million for another home in Doncaster.

RMIT Architecture alumnus Matt has styled the home beautifully, paying attention to the finer details to create a gorgeous living space. King Living’s exceptionally comfortable Jasper in Club 54 Sterling fabric proved to be a timeless choice for the living room; a perfect base to build from. A simple, yet effective way of introducing colour and texture into a space, the use of an occasional piece of furniture or interior accessories, such as lamps, tables and small objects can transform any room. Matt chose a plush blue velvet Seymour chair, playing with both texture and colour to inject some excitement, breaking up the monochromatic colour scheme.

“Every project is unique in the construction industry, bringing together new and innovative ways to design and construct. Our goal is to keep pushing the boundaries of our knowledge and skill to always stay above industry standards."

Matt Murison, Concept Build

Concept Build have created a stunning residence, exuding contemporary luxury and sophistication, and we look forward to seeing future developments. You can view Concept Build’s Doncaster Residence among other projects on Instagram: @concept_build.