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Ili Ibrahim on Leading and learning at King Living


In 2015, when the first King Living global showroom opened in Singapore, Ili Ibrahim was there. And she has been there ever since, also playing a pivotal role in the King Living expansion into Malaysia and the ongoing growth in Singapore. 

Ili recalls how nervous she was when she first met David King when she interviewed for the job. But she was also inspired by his vision and impressed with his humble approach. 

“I was so nervous, but I instantly felt comfortable with David,” she explains. “I could see so much opportunity in King Living. I knew I could learn so much, especially working alongside a founder who is so willing to roll his sleeves up and do whatever needs to be done.” 

Now Country Manager in Singapore, Ili admits that while the journey has been challenging, it has been incredibly rewarding. 

“Over the years, we’ve expanded our Showroom from 7,500 to a 13,000 square foot retail space,” she says proudly. “We have an internal team that manages dispatch and customer service and our own vehicles making after sales services. The team has achieved so much and I’m honoured to be part of that journey.” 


Picturing Ili and her team. 


Flexibility and resourcefulness

In her day-to-day role, Ili oversees the core functions of retail, customer service, admin, and logistics across the end-to-end operations in Singapore.  

She subscribes to values of independence, autonomy and resourcefulness, seeking out opportunities for her team and the business. 

“One size doesn’t always fit all,” she asserts. “But one thing I’ve learned from working at King Living is that there’s always a way to make something happen. If we’re flexible, we can always find a solution.” 

Ili has seen this flexibility come to life in the success of King Living in global markets like Singapore. 

“We’re not just selling furniture, we’re selling the Australian relaxed style of living,” she explains. “King Living is a brand with such strong values and those values stay with the brand across global borders. In each market, we hire people that share those values and appreciate the products but also understand the customers and their values. As a business, we’re always learning and that’s so exciting to be a part of.” 


Ili and King Living team members captured at the Sydney Support Office.


A humble leader

When Ili talks about leadership, her face lights up. She genuinely cares about her team and enjoys the opportunities that leadership presents. 

Always guiding and coaching her team, Ili says that her leadership style is grounded in trust and belief.  

“Over the course of my career, I’ve been so fortunate to have incredible mentors and leaders,” she explains. “I want to offer the same to my team. I want to give them the resources they need and instil confidence in their own abilities so they can see a path for growth.” 

Pragmatic in her approach, Ili says that the best way for the team to achieve success is for her to empower her team. She encourages them to be open minded and creates an environment where they feel free to share their ideas, collaborating across the team to support each other. 

“We wouldn’t have a business without our staff,” she shares. “When you hire the right people, smart people with the right mindset, then growth will follow. I encourage my team to share their ideas and experiences. That’s how we can learn from each other and understand our colleagues and who they are.


 Captured in the sewing team area at Sydney Support Office.

Pride in the King Living brand


For Ili, being part of the King Living brand means working alongside people who are industry leaders. She says that everyone she works with is passionate about what they do and takes ownership of everything they do. 

“As a business, we understand our customers really well because we put ourselves in their shoes,” she explains. “That boils down to culture and the way we all approach and take pride in our work.” 

King Living is a fast paced business, which Ili finds very rewarding. Despite the complexities of vertical integration, she says that this keeps her work interesting, presenting her with new opportunities to learn and grow.  

This aligns well with Ili’s personal philosophy on life to find your purpose and pursue it relentlessly. 

“Patience doesn’t always come easily,” she says. “But when you find your purpose, you need to learn it, believe it, live it and have patience to achieve it. You have to believe in yourself first so others will believe in you too.” 

Excited by the prospect of working in a fast-paced environment alongside passionate colleagues like Ili? Explore the opportunities of a career with King Living.    

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