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Defining the King Living customer experience



Effortless and immediate. That’s how King Living Head of Customer Service Jamin Daniels describes the King Living customer experience.  

When Jamin joined the business in 2022, he came from 12 years in the tech industry in customer experience roles. It didn’t take him long to realise that despite being a furniture brand, King Living was also a tech business.  

“What attracted me to King Living was the vertical integration of the business,” he recalls. “We have control over the end-to-end process from design, manufacturing, retail showrooms through logistics and warehousing. My tech mindset has been invaluable in helping me to piece all of this together to visualise the entire customer journey.” 

In May 2023, Jamin was promoted from his role of Senior Customer Experience Manager to the role he holds today, overseeing customer service across the entire business. Jamin shares his insights on his customer experience philosophy and how his team is shaping the future for our customers. 


The experience in a King Living Showroom is only one of the many touchpoints in the customer lifecycle.


A lifetime relationship


Quality, longevity and durability are built into the King Living DNA. When a customer buys a piece of our furniture, they can expect it to last for decades. For Jamin, this is a defining element of the customer experience. 

“When a customer steps through the door of our Showroom, they start a lifetime relationship with our brand,” he explains. “They’ll still be enjoying their King Living sofa in 30 or 40 years. We want to make sure that every touchpoint through that customer lifecycle is world class. We strive for that in our product. We strive for that in our service. And we strive for that in our communication.” 

Much of Jamin’s focus lies in increasing the ease and immediacy of the customer experience. An important tenet of this approach is knowledge, both the knowledge of the teams and facilitating access to knowledge through self-serve features. 

“The feedback we receive from customers is that they’re busy and time poor,” he explains. “They have told us very clearly that they want self-serve options to fit their needs, whether that’s for deliveries, ordering or product support. This in turn helps to create that effortless experience where the customer can interact with us on their terms.” 


As a vertically integrated business, King Living is the designer, manufacturer and retailer.


Vertical integration benefits customers


As a vertically integrated business, we have oversight across our complete operations. This end-to-end process gives us greater control over quality and provides an environment where innovation thrives.  

“We understand every aspect of how something ends up in a customer’s home,” explains Jamin. “This allows us to react really quickly if something’s not right, whether that’s in the design stage, in manufacturing or delivery. The power behind King Living is that vertical integration allows us to pivot and flex overnight.” 

To achieve that effortless customer experience that Jamin and his team are so proud of, much of the work happens behind the scenes.  

“Customer experience isn’t just about the front facing systems and the in-person interactions,” asserts Jamin. “We also need to ensure that our internal systems and business-wide knowledge are equally robust, in order to provide a seamless experience to the customer. 

“Take our King Care® recovering service as an example. Recovering a 30-year-old sofa is quite a complicated process that spans across design and manufacturing. Despite that, for the customer it should be as simple as a phone call or the click of a button. We want a consistent experience to flow through every touchpoint a customer has with us.” 


King Living team members captured at Sydney Headquarters.


Global goals


King Living customers today can expect significantly lower after sales service wait times than they have in the past. They would have also noticed an increase in the quality of the service they receive across the board.  

“We introduced a customer effort score to measure how much effort customers need to invest when they engage with King Living. Our customers have conveyed to us that they’ve observed a substantial enhancement in this area compared to the same period last year, culminating in a seamless experience.” 

Into the future, Jamin says his team is focussed on building on the momentum of these successes and shifting with a global lens. 

“As a global business, we want to ensure we deliver a consistent experience globally,” he explains. “That in itself is a challenge. Even though the experience will be consistent for customers, we’ll need to implement different solutions in different locations to achieve that. Each market is unique with unique customer expectations. 

Building on the legacy of the past and firmly focussed on the future, Jamin and his team are redefining customer experience, one customer at a time. 

Excited by the prospect of vertical integration and working in an Australian heritage brand? Explore the opportunities of a career with King Living.  

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