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Discover the Aura Sofa, an island of relaxation

Beautifully curved and unique in its shape, the Aura Sofa is like no other King Living design. 

Offering a new way of living – with the ability to suit any sized space – Aura brings a design statement to your home while providing an island of relaxation. 

Here King Living Designer Zara Fong, who led the design, shares what makes the Aura Sofa unique and her advice for choosing the best fabric for your Aura Sofa



Designed for your lifestyle


The Aura Sofa invites endless living options for evolving living spaces.   

Our modern-day lifestyles and homes are continuously transforming. Aura’s cleverly designed flex arms can be removed or reconfigured to create a more formal setting or daybed style that can change to suit your needs.   

Aura was designed to respond to how we live today – there is a lot more compact space. We wanted Aura to be an art piece, but at the same time be comfortable and functional to suit modern day life.” – Zara Fong, King Living Designer  

Beautiful from every angle, Aura is a multi-perspective design that can be positioned anywhere in a living space – from the centre of a small studio apartment to a secondary sofa in a large living area.   

Whether you position as a single relaxation zone or multiple settings to create interconnected or defined seating areas, Aura adapts to all your spatial requirements. 


Featuring the Aura Sofa in Brunswick Rice paper, Aura Platform Table, Aura Ottoman, Issho Side Table and Console, Fleur Tub Chair and Antipodes Rug.


Design statement


Influenced by the form of floating islands, the Aura Sofa’s curved form is like no other King Living creation.  

Designed as an art piece that offers comfort and functionality, Aura brings a visual impact.

The curved design brings fluidity and softness to your home while creating a visual flow that provides space and movement. 


Generous hidden storage provides a convenient space-saving solution.


Limitless lifestyle options


One feature completely unique to Aura is the flex arms, which allow you to change the look of your sofa.  

“We used the technology from our existing range and further developed it into the flex arms,” Zara explains. “Most curved furniture doesn’t allow for this type of modularity and changeability – it's quite unique to Aura.”  

Additionally, Aura delivers a range of comfort, accessory, and lifestyle options customisable to you.  

  • Optional storage – open the base with a seamless gas strut lift to find generous hidden storage built for your convenience, with no compromise in seating comfort.  
  • Comfort engineering – the seat and arms are crafted from high-resilience foam, while back cushions combine feather for comfort and ultra down for structure and support.  
  • Optional accessories – add matching ottomans or platform tables, which easily connect to provide a compact and convenient solution to keep items close.    
  • Removable covers – like all King Living Sofas, the tailored covers can be removed for cleaning or replaced for a new seasonal look.  
  • Comfort choices – opt for Aura packages that offer additional back cushions or bolsters if you like extra support 

To learn more, explore our Aura Sofa packages online. 


Featuring the Aura Sofa in Brunswick Deep Lagoon (Left) and Aura Ottoman in Brunswick Rice paper and Antipodes Rug.


Designed for longevity


Created with a steel frame that works together with the Postureflex® Seating System, Aura offers the support and longevity that King Living is known for.  

The steel frame is recyclable, while the support of the steel suspension system protects and extends the interior components' life and ensures the hidden storage gas-strut lift will last.  

“The steel frame works hand in hand with the storage mechanism. It allows us to create a storage system we know will last – which is very unique in the market.” – Zara Fong, King Living Designer. 

Like all King Living sofa designs, Aura is backed by our 25 Year Steel Frame Warranty. 


Featuring the Aura Sofa in Brunswick Deep Lagoon, Aura Ottoman in Brunswick Teal Mist, Apero Coffee Table, Fleur Tub Chair and Antipodes Organic Rug.


Learn more about the Aura Sofa


If the Aura Sofa is the right sofa for you, the next step is choosing the perfect fabric and comfort level.  

“I do recommend textural fabric for this design,” Zara advises. “And for extra comfort, you can also add additional back cushions and select the bolster option for extra support.”  

Are you ready to bring the Aura Sofa home? Shop Aura now or visit your nearest King Living Showroom

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