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Founder David King talks Something Worth Keeping

Something worth keeping holds meaning and memories and adds value to our lives.  

And that’s exactly what makes KING designs special.  

For Founder David King, the Something Worth Keeping campaign represents an opportunity to bring genuine meaning to thoughtfully designed products.   

“The Something Worth Keeping campaign is very special to me. The products we feature have been developed over many years and it's so great to see them in an Australian environment, in such a beautiful home.”  

The film enabled KING designs to be experienced through the universal emotion of day-to-day family moments and showcase the true Australian way of life. 

Part of every moment, David shares his perspective on the campaign and delves into the intention behind the KING designs featured in the film. 


The meaning of Something Worth Keeping


Something worth keeping is emotionally durable. It holds memories and imbues our lives with pleasure, meaning, and utility.   

For David, fostering a sustainable relationship with the objects in our lives is the future, and part of this is designing products that truly last. 

“Something worth keeping brings back memories. And that's what we set out to achieve with the Heritage Dining Table and the Heirloom Chair, products that will be around for decades.”   

When memories are made with designs we love, the products are no longer disposable, they become interconnected.  

When you pass your furniture on to the next generation, just sitting around the table will bring back memories. That's something worth keeping.”

From timeless aesthetics to the engineered steel frame, KING designs are visually and structurally supported to be handed down from one generation to the next. 

"We design our furniture from the inside out. The steel frame is the foundation of our products. It ensures that the furniture will last."  


With beautifully simple, modern architecture, the Tasmanian home was an ideal blank canvas for the film.


Making the Tasmanian house a home


When the team first arrived on location in Tasmania, they were able to see the house transition into a home with KING designs and carefully curated styling choices. For David, this was a special moment.  

“It was so satisfying to see the designs in the space. When we set the furniture up it really transformed the architectural space into a home.”  

Home is built from a collection of memories. Experiencing our mood, giving comfort, and welcoming life's precious moments. Our furniture becomes the backdrop to decades of family moments.  

“Memories are made on King Furniture. Some of the best moments of your life can be spent on our designs, whether it's a luxurious, comfortable sofa, the sanctuary of your bed or your dining table,” David shares.

“The experiences you have around these products are some of the great moments in your life.”

Everyday moments need simple, timeless designs that come on the journey with us.   


Coming soon in 2023, the Heritage Dining Table and Heirloom Dining Chair feature in Something Worth Keeping. 


Designing the new Heritage Dining Table and Heirloom Dining Chair


Stars of the campaign, the new Heritage Dining Table and the Heirloom Dining Chair set to be released in 2023, are designed primarily as furniture to last a lifetime.   

“The Heritage Dining Table is important to the collection in that it’s designed to last for virtually 100 years. It is beautifully simple and elegant on the outside, but underneath there is cutting-edge technology.” David shares.   

“The Heirloom Dining Chair is extremely comfortable but is designed to last. It was purposefully and thoughtfully designed as an all-night dinner party chair.”  

“The other important aspect is they’re not high and overpowering. A lot of dining chairs have a very high back. Furniture shouldn’t overpower your dining setting. It should complement it.”  

Furniture that lasts a lifetime connects us to our home, family, friends, and dreams. It has stories to tell.  

Even the touch of a fabric feels alive with familiarity and memories. Any marks and blemishes become a gentle reminder of the progress of time. 



Designed for KING by Charles Wilson, the Zaza Sofa is pictured on location in Tasmania.


Sofa heroes: The renowned Jasper and Zaza


Jasper is a prime example of the timeless appeal of KING designs and the way products evolve over time.   

“We're not satisfied just to make a design and move on. We work on that design over the years, and we improve it. We get feedback from our customers. The Jasper's we're making today are the best we've ever made, and they are the result of our philosophy of evolving designs and improving.”  

Like every KING design, Jasper is grounded in the simplicity of its clean design silhouette.   

“Part of our design philosophy is not to add unnecessary ornamentation. Jasper is a great example of this, where it has very clean architectural lines and still looks fresh and modern today.”  

Conceptualised by Australian designer Charles Wilson, Zaza also features in Something Worth Keeping.  

Zaza is one of our remarkable products. It has all the King hallmarks of flexibility and is a beautiful, comfortable design. Charles has a very sculptural approach to his design, but at the same time his work is very functional.”  

Like many KING designs, Jasper and Zaza are known for their unrivalled comfort. Comfort is important to KING as it isn't just a physical experience, it's emotional.

Comfort is also about authenticity and the desire to surround yourself with items of true quality that last.     


A perfect timeless set, the Heritage Dining Table and Heirloom Dining Chair are built to last. Coming in 2023.


Exploring the KING Difference


The KING story started with David looking at how other furniture was made, particularly furniture that had been discarded and given to second-hand stores.  

This is how the KING Difference began and the mission to make furniture worth keeping and designed to last became part of the brand ethos.

“I noticed a lot of the framing was timber, and sitting in that furniture, it was creaking and cracking, and the arms were falling off. I realized car seats were made of steel and much stronger than timber. I experimented with steel, made some prototypes, and it was remarkable.”  

Now a global company, the brand has remained true to its heritage with an in-house Australian design team.  

“We have an in-house design team because we do things differently. We're not content to just make ordinary furniture.” David shares.  

“We make better furniture, more innovative furniture. We have a very young, dynamic design team, and they’re always striving to do better.”  

From the steel frame to supreme comfort and the latest technology, and emphasis on sustainability, the KING Difference is felt with every KING design.


Sustainability is at the very heart of the KING ethos.


A sustainability story


Sustainability is part of the KING legacy. The brand was designed with the aim of decreasing the amount of furniture destined for landfill. 

Removable covers are one of the key elements aiding in the longevity of KING designs. Thanks to the built-in ability to clean, repair, and refresh covers KING furniture from the 1970s is still being recovered. 

“Every seating product that King has made since the beginning has a removable cover. We've never used webbing and seating. We always use steel suspension, and we do this for a reason. We do it so that our furniture will last longer and perform better and therefore be more sustainable.” 

We consider every aspect of product design an opportunity to create furniture that stands the test of time. 

“We know everything that's in our furniture. We know how it's made, and therefore we can provide better quality. Being a vertically integrated business is a huge advantage in that we have control over every process and every aspect." 

Discover more about the KING sustainability story 


Timeless KING furniture is designed to last a lifetime.


Coming home to Something Worth Keeping


What began as a small family business, the KING brand is now a global company giving customers all around the world the opportunity to experience KING furniture.   

For David, it is continually rewarding to hear about customers who enjoy coming home to King designs.  

“When I look back over the past five decades, I'm very proud when people tell me how much they enjoy their King furniture and how they've used it over many years.”  

“Some of our customers have passed their furniture down to the next generation, and this is fantastic. It demonstrates that our products can stand the test of time.” 

To learn more, explore behind the scenes of filming Something Worth Keeping or read Creative Director Nick Leary’s journey from inspiration to campaign delivery. 

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