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More than a physical item, something worth keeping has stories to tell. Connecting us to home and loved ones, memories are held in the object's essence.

Furniture designed to last becomes a backdrop to decades of family moments, celebrations, and our growing up and leaving home. An opportunity to instill your story and pass it on to the next generation.

Watch the Director's Cut of Something Worth Keeping.




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Australian story

Grounded by the natural flow of time and nature's ever-changing light, the Something Worth Keeping story explores moments with an Australian family as they move through the rhythms of their day.

“For me, something worth keeping brings you joy and connects with memories. The moments and the energy put into those objects are what makes you feel alive, remember, and connect back in.” - Nick Leary, Creative Director

Designing the vision

An Australian artist with more than 20 years of experience producing visuals in fine art, photography, and film, Creative Director Nick Leary was the ideal choice to conceptualise and capture the story.

Supporting the story

Part of every moment, Founder David King shared his deep understanding of every facet of the King Living brand, imbuing the story with rich history and a perspective no other could bring.

Designed to last generations

Crafted for a lifetime of comfort, King Living designs are durable, sustainable, and timeless, supporting us in the present moment and connecting us to memories carried through the generations.

“Something worth keeping brings back memories. And that's what we set out to achieve with the Heritage Dining Table and Heirloom Dining Chair, products that will be around for decades.” - David King, Founder