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Pros and cons of custom sofas

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A custom sofa does not necessarily mean handcrafted. Instead, it can mean made-to-order. 

But, what is the benefit of getting a custom sofa, and how do you know if it is the right choice for your home and lifestyle?   

While a custom sofa or made-to-order sofa is uniquely designed to suit your home and personal aesthetic, there are also some disadvantages to consider. 

At KING, all our designs are made-to-order and completely customisable. This is why we believe it is important to give you an honest comparison of the pros and cons of custom sofas. After reading this article, you will know if a custom sofa is right for you. 


All designs in the Fleur Collection are custom-made in a choice of over 200 fabrics and leathers. 


Benefits of custom sofas

From choosing the material to tailoring the layout of the design, discover some of the benefits of custom sofas. 


Made-to-order, Concerto is a fully flexible modular design with a range of customisable features.  


Custom sofas are tailored to suit you

When you purchase a custom sofa, you have the flexibility to tailor the design to suit your style, colour palette, functionally needs and comfort preferences.  

When you visit a KING Showroom, you will see sofa layouts and configurations curated by our design team, which are entirely customisable.  

From the designs you see in the Showroom, you have the option to: 

  • Change the sofa layout  
  • Change the chaise position  
  • Select the material finish  
  • Select the hardware finish  
  • Customise the leg height 
  • Customise with optional under-seat storage 
  • Customise with optional integrated shelving  
  • Tailor with optional accessories, including tables, lights and media consoles. 

With designs such as Jasper or Delta, you also have the freedom to customise layouts with additional modules. 


Individually tailored covers are available in a range of premium fabrics and luxurious leathers. 


Custom furniture allows for greater flexibility and more choices

Whether choosing the material finish, customising your sofa with accessories, adding in-built shelves, or deciding on the sofa leg height and finish, the options are almost endless.   

Not only can you tailor the sofa to suit your exact style and preferences, but typically you have more options to choose from— so you can ensure your new sofa will complement the existing furniture in your home. 

With the Concerto Sofa, these choices extend beyond selecting the material finish. Completely customisable, you choose the level of comfort that’s right for you, tailor with straight and curved modules and customise with your choice of arms and seat sizes. 

With this flexibility to tailor the layout and proportions of the sofa, you can customise the design to fit your space perfectly.  


Custom sofas have a focus on quality and durability

One of the biggest advantages of custom furniture is the quality and expected longevity.  

Crafting a custom sofa involves a high level of artistry and attention to detail—something that is not typically found in mass-produced ready-made sofas. 

A common flaw of mass-produced furniture is the use of lower-grade materials, such as particleboard or plywood, which is not durable and causes the furniture to have a limited lifespan. 


Bellaire features the revolutionary KING steel frame platform that is extremely thin yet durable enough to last a lifetime. 


As a custom sofa is made-to-order with each design tailored to the customer's specifications, more time and care goes into the craftsmanship and engineering process. 

Backed by a 25-year steel frame warranty, this notion of durability, care and quality are in the DNA of every custom-made KING sofa. 


As a modular sofa, you can tailor Delta in your preferred layout, add additional modules, a chaise or hidden under-seat storage.  


Drawbacks of custom sofas

From a more complex decision-making process to lengthy lead times, discover some of the drawbacks of custom sofas.    


Custom sofas have a longer manufacturing process

Depending on how soon you require your sofa, a custom sofa may not suit your needs.  

As the names suggest, a ready-made sofa is ready to dispatch at the time of purchase, whereas a custom sofa is only crafted after you have made the order.  



The manufacturing process can be time-consuming. After ordering your sofa, it can take upwards of six weeks for delivery. Many factors can also cause delays, including supply issues, the origin of where the materials are sourced, transportation methods and a host of other factors. 

A custom sofa might not be the best option if you need a sofa immediately.  


Designing a custom sofa can be time-consuming

Endless options can be a good thing, but for some of us, it can be overwhelming.  

Buying ready-made sofas is usually a more straightforward option than a custom sofa. With a ready-made sofa, your choices come down to whether you like what you see in the store. But, with a custom sofa, there are decisions to be made, including. 

  • Whether you want a fabric or leather sofa 
  • Height and style of leg finishes 
  • Back and seat cushioning preferences 
  • Optional hidden storage 
  • If you want a matching chaise 
  • Deep-seated or standard seating 

You will need to be prepared for this decision-making process when designing a custom sofa. 


Cost is not transparent 

Cost is one of the key differences between a custom sofa and a ready-made sofa.


With modular sophistication, Jasper offers endless configurations and a lifetime of unsurpassed comfort and support. 


Unlike ready-made sofas where the price is set and available upfront, the price of a custom sofa is not typically available until after you finalise the order. 

The number of customisable options and available upgrades influences the final price of a custom sofa, which may not be apparent at the beginning of the ordering process. Additional modules come at a cost, and some materials are more expensive than others. This is why custom sofas are typically priced as a range or starting price instead of a fixed price. 


Unable to see the design before purchasing

Custom sofas are tailored to suit your exact specifications, preferences and style choices.  

While you may see similar sofas in a furniture Showroom, a custom design is unique, and there is nothing to compare it to other than a sketch or computer-generated model. 

This means you are unable to see your design until it is delivered, and you need to put your trust in the Showroom experts to help design a sofa that is right for you.  

Additionally, you will need to dedicate the time to design your sofa with the experts, which takes more time than just choosing a ready-made sofa. 



Is a custom sofa right for you?

The above mentioned pros and cons will help you decide if a custom sofa is right for you. 

Like any furniture design, a custom sofa is a significant investment and one that has both appeal and drawbacks.  



Years back, custom furniture was the only option. Pieces were crafted from hand and made to order. But, increased demand and a growing population paved the way for mass-produced and ready-made furniture. 

This convenience is what many people have come to know and expect, and some people do not want to wait weeks or months for their sofa to arrive. 

Ultimately, deciding on whether a custom sofa is right for you will come down to evaluating all the pros and cons. And, now that you know these pros and cons, you are better prepared to make an informed decision about custom sofas. 


Customise your Zaza in your choice of premium fabric or luxury European leather. 


Designing a custom sofa with KING

At KING, the process of designing a custom sofa is not a journey you need to embark on alone. 

Our team of Showroom experts will assist with the decision-making process to ensure your design is a perfect fit for your home, looks great and meets all your needs. 

If you wish to design a custom sofa with KING, you can book a Showroom consultation virtually or in-person at your nearest Showroom. In this consultation, the team can use room planner software to show you how the sofa design will fit in your space. 

We recommend taking photos of your room or living space and providing a copy of your floor plan or room dimensions. This will help the Showroom team in the planning process and determine the style of your space.  

If you are ready to design a custom sofa, this guide lists the most important things to consider before visiting a KING Showroom. 


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