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Explore behind the scenes of Something Worth Keeping with David King and Nick Leary

Behind the scenes is where the second layer of a story is told. 

And with magical Australian scenery and team of creative talents, there is bound to be special moments to be found. 

Shot on location in Tasmania over six days with a team of over 30, the KING Something Worth Keeping campaign was brought to life. 

Step behind the scenes with Creative Director Nick Leary and Founder David King, who share their experience of being part of the story and seeing it unfold.   



Exploring the Australian landscape


One of the real stars is the beautifully raw, natural and remote location that played backdrop to the film.  

From day one, the whole crew felt fully transported and immersed in their surroundings. 

“The feeling of remoteness from the time we drove in through the gate and down the gravel entrance was extraordinary. There was very little sign of life apart from the birds and the odd rabbit running in front of us.” David shared. 

“The grass would dance with the wind. The weather was always changing. It was quite extraordinary.” 


Spending time in the natural surroundings was part of the magic for the team.


For Nick, the ever-changing light, weather and landscape was a continual source of inspiration, and perfectly complimented the theming, which explored a day in the life of an Australian family.  

“For the seven days I was there I didn't see the bay looking the same.” Nick explained. “The first day was absolutely gorgeous. We had this beautiful clear blue sky and it was calm, and then the wind kicked up and became raw and rugged, that real Australian Tasmanian vibe.”


Nick cast a real family in the film to create authentic moments on set.


Creating the family home


Nestled among the natural scenery was the beautiful home where the story was told. With modern lines and a cantilever roof, the home was the perfect blank canvas to be styled by KING. 

“When we put our furniture in, it seemed to transform the space entirely. I think the whole crew commented on how great the furniture looked, and most of them wanted to have the furniture at home, which is very pleasing.”  David shared.

Featuring a real Australian family, the harmony between family members on set was exactly what the team had hoped for. 

“One of the things I loved was the way the family harmonised with the furniture. They were a true part of what we were doing, and they just looked perfect. They were relaxed, and really demonstrated the way the furniture should be used in the home.”  


Nick Leary in action on the Something Worth Keeping set.


Working together on location


With such a remote location, the team had some logistical challenges that needed solving.  

From transporting furniture and homewares to coordinating the cast and crew, it was a huge team effort. 

“We brought three trucks down from Sydney, through Victoria, out of Melbourne, and across the Bass Straight on a boat.” David shared.  

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Nick and his team, absolute professionals. And to see the treatment he created with our products was fantastic for me.”


Some of the creative minds behind the Something Worth Keeping film.


For Nick, having David’s unparalleled product knowledge on set helped to generate a cohesion vision between product features and how they function in daily life. 

“It was great having David on set. We talked about the design and the functionality and how that simplicity brings ease to your life.” Nick explained  
“That understanding was key to helping me create these gorgeous scenes that show how the products adapt into your life, each and every day.”


The Heritage Dining Table and Heirloom Dining Chair are built to last generations. Coming in 2023.


What makes Something Worth Keeping


Throughout the creative process, the team all had the opportunity to think about what something worth keeping meant to them.  

For Nick, it was all about simple day-to-day moments around the home with the furniture that plays backdrop and shares in the memories. 

“All of those little moments, in and around the home that we connect with. On the sofa, at the table, the moments that you planned, and the ones you didn’t plan for. They're all memories that we have in and around our home.” Nick shared.  

“And I think having products like King that are going to last that test of time, the classics, they're something worth keeping.”  

To learn more about the film discover Nick Leary’s creative journey from inspiration to campaign delivery or read David King’s perspective on the campaign. 

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