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04 Jul 2018 |  Inspiration

Often purchased as an afterthought, your choice of bed can make or break a room.

Despite spending a third of our life in bed, many of us don’t put much thought into our choice of bed; figuring that so long as it can support a mattress it will be good enough.

Yet the bed is the focal point of any bedroom and should be given plenty of consideration when it comes to choosing what’s right for your space.

Should the headboard and sides be timber, or upholstered in fabric or leather? And what about design…sleek and contemporary, or a more traditional aesthetic?

Architect, Ed Lippmann from Lippmann Partnership, says he likes an unadorned modernist design for the bed overall, but when it comes to choosing a headboard, he prefers fabric. “A bed should be soft and comfortable,” he says. “However, depending on a client’s budget, tastes and the size of the room, we have also used timber.”

As for colour, Ed says he has specified everything from hot pink, through to orange. The orange is a colour that architect Frank Lloyd Wright used to call Cherokee Red,” he says. “It looks fabulous against a timber side-panel.”

Interior designer, and former TV personality Shannon Fricke (of Shannon Fricke Heart and Home) agrees with Ed, that softness and comfort should be paramount.

“I prefer beds with soft edges; a fabric base and headboard, tufted or loosely covered,” she says.

“When you are sleeping, it’s the time when you connect the most with your calmness and inner-self, and so the bed you’re sleeping on, plays a really important role to the way you feel. To me, a bed should exude a sense of opulence and abundance.”

Shannon Fricke - TV Personality

Shannon always opts for neutral fabrics to upholster her beds, from pale beiges, right through to charcoals. “The bed is your planet, when you are sleeping it grounds you, and so I like my headboard and base to be similarly earthy. I’ll add more visual interest through my choice of bedlinen.”

King Living has a range of bedroom furniture, designed by an in-house team of experts. Each of the beds: Promenade, Neo, Serenade, Symphony and Encore, is created around the famous King Living steel frame, for the ultimate in durability and comfort.

Some, such as the Symphony, offer more traditional designs, with deep button tufting on the wrap-around pillow headboard, while others, such as the Neo and Promenade are sleek and modern, built upon a slimline platform.

For those who live in a small apartment, or are just struggling to find places to keep things, a storage bed makes perfect sense. King Living storage beds (Serenade, Symphony and Promenade) are the smartest in the world, utilising an easy-lift hydraulic system that makes it simple to raise the mattress and access the generous, inbuilt storage compartment below.

King Living can supply the bed…the dreams are all yours.


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