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 We believe great furniture needs more than just great looks. Because sofas, chairs, tables, beds. Life happens around them, in them, on them. They’re an essential part of how you live your life. That’s why every piece of furniture we design is built with living in mind. Not just to fit in with your life.


But to make it better.


Like the world’s comfiest sofa that also recharges your phone. Beautifully concealed storage space that helps keep the house in order. Or a recliner with controls on the right-hand side instead of the left, so you won’t snag the fabric with your wedding ring. Everything is designed for better living.


Not just for now. But for an enduring way of life. Because we believe in homes where living is style, quality, comfort and innovation together as one. Where living is making the most of your space, whatever the size.

Where living is King.


40 Years of Design Innovation

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