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We don't make ordinary furniture. We make furniture that enhances people’s lives. No one else on the planet integrates technology into furniture the way King does. – David King

King technology delivers furniture that can achieve unrivalled level of customised personal comfort.

Smart Pockets™

We live in a connected world, but when it comes to comfort, how and when you choose to connect is deeply personal. King Smart Pockets™ give you the flexibility to create a space that works for you. Choose from a range of Smart Pocket™ accessories Smart Pocket™ accessories together with optional wireless charging capabilities to free you from the clutter of cords.

Smart Pocket™ Accessories:



TouchGlide®, the technology that powers King Cloud III allows you to effortlessly recline, and adjust head, seat and footrests with just a touch and swipe of a button. A light touch on discreetly placed buttons changes the angles of the back, head and leg rests. A simple swipe across the buttons returns the sofa to the original position. And for a seamless lounging experience, you can save your personal comfort preference.