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Tailor made quality 

Unlike ordinary sofas, King Living sofas are proudly tailor made and hand-crafted in King Living’s own production facilities to your exact requirements. Your name is stitched on the label as a finishing touch making it uniquely yours.


 An investment in quality

Ordinary sofas have stapled and glued fabrics and leather upholstery on their frames, making their covers unable to be replaced. King Living covers are tailored and designed to be removable. It’s easy and affordable to freshen up your King Living sofa’s style as removable covers can be completely replaced in future years without reupholstering – your sofa could be recycled over generations.

Made by King Living 

You should know exactly what’s inside your sofa. King Living sofas are designed and manufactured in our fully-owned and operated production facilities. This means that we can control the quality every step of the way unlike other furniture companies. Only King Living sofas are made in our facilities.


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