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House of Style: The secrets of textile design revealed with Sebastian Nash from KING

11 May 2022 |  Inspiration

Sebastian Nash



House of Style podcast is a deep dive into prominent Australian interior brands, designers, artists, makers, industry personalities and their stories. As proud exclusive sponsors, KING are thrilled to have been featured in the most recent series. Enjoy the interview with KING team member Sebastian Nash on all things fabric.



We recently went for a visit to the King headquarters to sit down with Sebastian Nash, Fabric and Leather Development Manager for King. When we arrived, we were greeted by a table filled with fabric samples, hand painted sketches, carpet pom poms and so many other goodies just waiting to be explained.

Sebastian is responsible for designing some of King’s most iconic textiles. His collections are shaped and inspired by the Australian landscape and way of life, ensuring a deep resonance with the customers.

Here’s a snippet of our chat with Sebastian. You can find the whole chat on our main page or on any major podcast platform.



Hi Sebastian… as we said, you're the fabric and textile development manager. So let's break down the title. What does that mean?

I look at the collections as a whole. I've developed it, I think from a very simple collection to something that has got a journey for the customer. And you know, that all linked back to how a collection has to work back on itself. So the person who buys something now, in six years time, when they want to add to the room, there'll be colours, textures the work back with what they've got.

It's a whole journey I hope. My passion is to make King a leading edge in that textile collections, because it's a furniture retailers, (the fabric) is a secondary thing… but the the textiles give it the personality.



The beautiful tones and variety of the King textile collection, all designed in house



So you’re working with suppliers on creating fabrics, what are you working on at the moment?

So this is sort of a nice, basic chenille. I knew it was something that was in our collection that was existing, but what we've added to it, just to make it more interesting to certain customers, is recycled yarn… 36% of this is recycled polyester from bottles.

If you think about it this way and it's, and this is very crude, but the simplest way to think about it is that a sort of turned back into a liquid and imagine that the liquid is poured through a shower head and then they spin it again into yarn.



When we think if King, it can sometimes be a bit more of a conservative colour palette but you’ve brought all sorts of amazing coloured samples here today!

With the colour palettes, you saw the new colours of the Richmond collection, so the linen has these colours running through as well. I realised only, just quite recently, that this is actually come from visiting the gallery of New South Wales. [The artists] did all that work themselves of looking at the landscape, bringing out those colours, making these amazing large paintings that are of our landscape. They did all the work for us!



You can really see all those beautiful Australian colours coming through, the ochres, the earthy reds…

In Australia we have the most amazing architects. If you're lucky to live in the country or on the coast where they blend the inside out with the landscape and it is just incredible. With the timber tones, the concretes they use, the stone they use and the colours that I work into the textiles.


You can listen to our conversation with Sebastian here.


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