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The Art of Simplicity.

22 Dec 2020 |  Design

Reflecting on the year that was, we are experiencing the dynamics of our home changing dramatically now needing to serve us in many different ways than ever before. Creating a home that provides a real sense of solace is an important element to achieving something that not only inspires you but is a joy to live in. The need to be more comfortable, more connected and purposeful is reflecting in the way we live now and will continue to in the future.

Celebrating our extraordinary landscapes, King expresses a visual narrative of Australian design which is derived from our unique spirit. A style that is individual, pared-back, versatile and adventurous in both design and versatility. Often, creating a home that brings us great solace means searching for this emotion in every decision that is made.

The iconic Jasper, Delta & Zaza designs which have become synonymous with comfort and effortless style, celebrate the introduction of new fabrics in the King collection, with luxuriously breathable linens and soft leathers.

Design should be timeliness, otherwise it's merely a trend. When buying for the home, the home in essence, is an individual, and so like the individual, King products don’t aspire to fit into trends, rather look for what will endure.

Luxury and timelessness are found in every detail.

Simplicity is the ultimate luxury.