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The Art of Living with Nick Leary

Art of Living 2020

For over 20 years, internationally acclaimed art photographer, Nick Leary has traversed the world to produce some of the most spectacular images. It’s his flair for fashion and art that saw King Living collaborate with Nick to produce a bespoke art series that explores King’s brand story. Inspired by the innovation and craftsmanship within King’s history, the collaboration has borne elegant pieces that captivate and complement King Living’s furniture.

Art of Living 2020

The Feathers range by Nick Leary.

What inspired your art collection for King?

Nick Leary: After learning about the King Living story it was clear that quality materials and craftsmanship would be the best place to start the Nick Leary / King Living collaboration. It’s here that I let the creative process begin to unfold and found beauty and form within the foundational materials and ideas of the King Living story. Each series within the range subtly highlights a key physical element or design feature of King Living’s furniture.

Art of Living 2020

Nick Leary with Spring 1 from the Spring Range.

How does your day to day living connect from indoors to outdoors?

NL: We are very lucky to have a home that was built with this idea very much in mind. Having this seamless connection is what energises as well as calms me as I feel plugged in to my natural surroundings. Living in this connected way, whether it be by design of our house or even an art piece should always be a consideration within a home.

Art of Living 2020

The Mesh range.

What does living authentically mean to you?

NL: It means living without fuss or confusion. Living simply without all the clutter and noise. This can extend out to all areas of our life, in the things we buy as well as the decisions we make.

What inspires your work overall?

NL: Freedom and form. Masculine, feminine and intuition, all of which are such bigger conversations!

Does nature play a role in inspiring you?

NL: Nature plays the greatest role in inspiring me as I consider nature to be the source of all creativity. Usually the creative process starts with me quieting and observing (nature) until inspiration strikes, then I'm off and running!

Art of Living 2020

What does The Art of Living mean to you?

NL: It means living well. Living with ease, simply and considered. It means making the right decisions in every area of our lives and understanding that our decisions are important to us and everyone else around us. This is explained beautifully in one of my favourite quotes by Maharishi Mahesh:

‘Every thought or action, every spoken word, has some influence on the thinker and on his surroundings. Just as a stone thrown into a pond produces waves that reach all the extremities of the pond, any thought, word or action produces waves in the atmosphere, and these waves travel in all directions and strike against everything in the atmosphere. They produce some influence in every level of creation. The whole universe is influenced by every thought, word, and action of every individual.’

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Nick Leary for King Living