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How to achieve a quiet luxury aesthetic


Defined by an understated elegance and sophistication, quiet luxury is a trend that’s here to stay. Originally a fashion trend, this less-is-more design approach is right at home in interior design, creating meaningful and serene spaces. 

Aligning with the growing desire for sustainability, mindfulness and authenticity, the principles of quiet luxury have never been more relevant.  

At King Living, we embrace quiet luxury, an ethos we’ve fostered for the last five decades. Learn more about the trend and how to implement it in your home. 


Featuring the Issho Dining Table in American Walnut, Aspen Dining Chair and Issho Side Table Timber American Walnut.


What is quiet luxury? 


Characterised by subtlety and refinement, a quiet luxury aesthetic is achieved by investing in quality over quantity. Think artisanal craft, sustainable practices and meticulous attention to detail. Quiet luxury decor is timeless in design and built to last. 

Quiet luxury is slow. And it’s meaningful. A modern luxury living room or bedroom features muted colour palettes, natural materials and thoughtful, functional design.  


Featuring the Kato Sofa in Sorrento Whitewash, Bongo Large Ottoman in NuTouch TanIssho Side Table in Smoked Oak, Luna Chair in NuTouch Eucalyptus.


Comfort first 


The quiet luxury style in interior design doesn’t sacrifice comfort for aesthetics. At the heart of the trend is creating homes that are functional, that can be lived in and enjoyed. This goes beyond the furniture to design a space that is comfortable to be in. 

In a quiet luxury lounge room, that means comfortable sofas. But it also extends to how the furniture is arranged to allow for connection.  

Modular sofas, like the Kato Sofa, allow for different configurations and can easily adapt to accommodate changing needs. Ottomans, like the Bongo Ottoman, are versatile and can be moved around the space to serve as additional seating. An occasional chair, like the Luna Chair, and a side table, such as the Issho Side Table, are the final touches to elevate the space. 


Featuring the Promenade Bed Soft in Ashton Sand, Antipodes Organic Rug in Natural, Monument High in Driftwood, Solifiore Gymea Floor Lamp.


Simplicity is key 


While quiet luxury has echoes of minimalism, there are differences between the two aesthetic trends. Both value simplicity. Where quiet luxury differs is that the simplicity is layered with sophistication, quality and comfort. Quiet luxury interiors are curated meaningfully, with an emphasis on investing in high-quality, well-crafted furniture and accessories. 

In a quiet luxury bedroom, consider a storage bed, such as the Promenade Storage Bed, to help maintain a clutter free space. A well-placed rug, such as the Antipodes Organic Rug, can help to fill the space visually but allows ample breathing room to create a sanctuary atmosphere. 

Quiet luxury simplicity also values clean lines, avoiding overly ornate designs and excessive embellishments.  


Featuring the Aura Sofa in Brunswick Deep Lagoon, Aura Ottoman in Brunswick Teal Mist, Apero Coffee Table in Graphite, Antipodes Organic Rug in Natural and Fleur Tub Chair in Leura Natural White.


Balance and harmony 


Quiet luxury is purposeful. Every piece is carefully selected to create an inviting sense of balance in a space. It’s also calming, with harmony created through a soft and muted colour palette. Natural materials, such as timber, wool, stone and linen, add natural beauty and texture. 

This requires understanding the space, its size and the light available. Incorporate different shapes, sizes and colours to find the perfect balance.  

Place darker pieces closer to the natural light and balance them with lighter shades. Like the Aura Sofa and Aura Ottoman in Brunswick Deep Lagoon contrasted against the Fleur Tub Chair in Natural White and the Antipodes Organic Rug in Natural. The curves of the pieces create a sense of harmony, while the placement plays into the light serving as a natural balance to the contrasting shades. 


Fearuring the Jasper Bed in Whiteley Riverstone, Lume Smart Light, Apero Side Table in Flint.


Attention to detail 


Luxurious home decor alone doesn’t equate to a quietly luxurious space. It’s the attention to detail that makes the difference. The small details elevate the overall. It’s the clutter-free side table or the oversized artwork that balances the colours in the room.  

With quiet luxury, every detail is a conversation piece. Every detail is a testament to exceptional craftsmanship and the integrity of the design.  

And then there are the details that combine to create a relaxed atmosphere with ease, such as the lighting. King Living Smart Accessories are the ultimate expression of quiet luxury. They incorporate seamlessly into select beds and sofas, saving space while adding the soft, ambient lighting that quiet luxury demands. 


Achieve quiet luxury with King Living 


Quiet luxury resonates across the King Living Collection. The King Difference lies in our mission for comfort, commitment to sustainability and our approach to crafting for a lifetime. 

Explore the King Living Collection and achieve a quiet luxury aesthetic in your home. 

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