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Love It Or List It Episode 2

04 Oct 2017 |  Inspiration

King Living is proud to be an official partner of Love It Or List It Australia on Foxtel's Lifestyle channel.

Episode 2 introduces us to John and Sharyn of St Ives, Sydney. Retiree John and insurance broker Sharyn live in a four bedroom home in the bushland suburb of St Ives Chase, on Sydney's Upper North Shore. The couple are classic empty nesters with a home that has remained in the 1970s. Sharyn is looking to modernise the outdated house and wants to release the capital in the property to fund a sea change. John is very committed to staying, as he loves the location and serenity of the area, however is resistant to change. Neale not only has to bring this home up to date to persuade Sharyn to stay, but also has to convince John that the changes are for the better. Andrew has to show John that life can exist somewhere other than St Ives Chase.

The St Ives home is furnished with a range of King Living pieces, from the sitting area and dining room to the master bedroom, and Neale’s interpretation of a “man cave” for John.

King Living - Opera On The Beach

The lounge and dining area, which once held well-loved sofas and dated dining furniture, has been transformed by Neale into a breezy area with contemporary charm. Featuring the King Boulevard 2 Seater Sofa in a pastel, seafoam shade, as well as the Bongo Ottoman in gorgeous steel grey leather, Neale recaptures the tranquillity which seemed to be missing for Sharyn. The Venus Side Table in Congo is a practical yet stylish addition to the space.

King Living - Opera On The Beach

Moving into the Dining area, Italian designed Former furniture is the highlight. The modern glass tabletop of the Fix Dining Table is elegant and creates the illusion of a larger space. Paired with the Former Blow chairs in ebony leather, the curvy yet formal design works well in a range of spaces.

King Living - Opera On The Beach

The Master Bedroom, once lack-lustre and mundane, becomes a plush and alluring environment. King Living’s smart Encore Bed in Embrace fabric, is coupled with Club Crevin cushions. The play on a variety of textures, which is cosy and intimate, injects a voguish feel into the room.

King Living - Opera On The Beach

One of the highlights of the home is the “man cave” which showcases the Reo 3 Seater lounge in supple Viva leather. The marble accent of the Crescent coffee table continues the luxurious vibe of the personal space, while the gold velvet Seymour infuses the room with a soulful, Bohemian feel.

Venus and Crescent tables placed throughout the home, as well as various Panama and Havana accent cushions in a variety of tones complete the renovated home.

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