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KING furniture leather: Which is best for you?

There is nothing quite like the beauty of leather. 

With a timeless appeal that only improves with age, the look and feel of quality leather furniture has been loved for centuries.  

Sourced from leading tanneries in Italy and Germany, the KING Leather Collection spans over six ranges in more than forty signature colours. Each leather comes with different pros and cons and will be more suited to different lifestyles and applications.  

How long will the leather perform and last? Is it comfortable to touch? Will the leather survive children, pets and red wine spills? We understand you need answers to real life questions and your furniture becomes part of your unique family and needs. 

In this article we will take a detailed walk through each leather option available to you. You will be armed with the knowledge needed to confidently decide which leather in the range is best for you. 


What are the KING leather collection options?


The KING Leather Collection includes everything from full grain and corrected top grain leather to vegan suede. Each leather type is unique and beautiful in its own way and comes with both advantages and disadvantages, which we will explain further in this article. 

The KING leather collection includes: 

  • True Touch leather – the pinnacle of luxury 
  • Prestige leather – elegant and soft with added protection 
  • origin leather – best all-rounder and family-friendly option 
  • Nu Touch leather – matte finish of nubuck leather without maintenance 
  • KingSuede™ Futuro – soft vegan suede fabric   
  • Roma leather – entry level leather with sustainability benefits 

If you would like to learn more about leather terminology, you can read our guide to buying the best quality leather furniture.  


The ultimate state-of-the art luxury recliner. King Cloud is pictured in True Touch in Ghost.


True Touch leather - the pinnacle of luxury


True Touch is exclusive to KING and the only leather we tan in Germany. With its buttery soft and luxurious feel, it’s no wonder True Touch is made by the same legendary tannery that supplies Rolls-Royce. True Touch features unique characteristics of each individual hide, with less than 2% of the world’s rawhides deemed of high enough quality. 

Quick Facts: Full grain, drum dyed | 1.7mm thick | Made in Germany


Is True Touch right for you?



  • Best of the best, made from the same tannery that supplies Rolls-Royce. 
  • Buttery soft and luxurious to touch. 
  • Matte, low shine finish. 
  • Stunning colour range. 
  • Highly breathable natural grain, great for temperature regulation.  
  • Thickest hide in the collection. 


  • Highest cost in the collection, may be out of budget. 
  • Needs to be conditioned at least twice a year. 
  • You may notice minor scratching at first while the leather begins to develop its natural patina – which is the slow aging of the leather surface that creates the desirable texture and softness leather is known for. 


Neo Bed pictured in Prestige leather in Saddle. 


Prestige leather - elegant and soft with added protection


A true expression of casual elegance, Prestige is a classic full grain semi-aniline leather. Full grain leather retains the character of the original hide, making each one unique. Made in Italy from oxen hides, Prestige is drum dyed for deep colour. A light pigment finish protects the refined buttery texture. 

Quick Facts: Semi-Aniline, full-grain leather. Drum dyed | 1.4mm thick | Made in Italy 


Is Prestige right for you?



  • Hardwearing with a soft feel. 
  • Rich inviting sheen with dapple texture that gives a two-tone affect. 
  • Features the character of the original hide. 
  • More breathable than Roma and origin. 
  • Light protective layer added during the tanning process for added resistance. Please note that all leathers can still be stained and liquids like red wine can seep into the grain. 


  • Less breathable than True Touch. 
  • Mid-range option, more expensive than origin and Roma. 
  • Sheen look may be too shiny for your aesthetic. 
  • You may not like the dapple effect texture. 


Opera is designed for modern living. Featured above in origin leather in Chestnut. 


origin Leather - best all-rounder and family friendly option


origin is a luxurious top grain corrected leather. Hardwearing and soft to the touch, origin has a full-bodied thickness, double that of most leathers. Drum-dyed to ensure the colour permeates through the entire hide, the leather is buffed and printed to mask natural imperfections and provide a uniform finish. 

Quick Facts: Top-grain corrected leather. Drum dyed | 1.4mm thick | Made in Italy 


Is origin right for you?



  • The leather is sealed, making it more hardwearing. 
  • Easiest leather to clean and maintain – great for families. 
  • Uniformed, sleek finish. 
  • Ideal for high-traffic areas, including commercial areas and dining chairs. 
  • More economical than Prestige and True Touch. 


  • Less breathable than Prestige and True Touch, which results in it feeling colder or warmer to touch seasonally. 
  • Not a natural grain, won’t have unique character of the original hide. 
  • Slightly more waxy, coarse feel compared with leathers that are not sealed.   


Designed for true versatility, the Cassia Daybed can also be used as a large ottoman. Pictured in Nu Touch leather in Eucalyptus. 


Nu Touch leather - matte finish of nubuck leather without the maintenance


Nu Touch has a similar feel to suede and achieves the nubuck look with greater durability. With its natural, soft appearance, Nu Touch is aesthetically beautiful. As a semi-aniline leather, Nu Touch is treated with a pigmented protective coating for added resistance.  

Quick Facts: Semi-aniline, buffed grain leather. Drum dyed | 1.4mm thick | Made in Italy


Is Nu Touch right for you?



  • Natural suede feel with the look of nubuck leather. 
  • Matte finish with a stylised appearance. 
  • Particularly suited for ottomans, bongos, and cushions. 


  • Can show marks from oils on your skin and hair. 
  • Bespoke look that won’t suit everyone’s interior style. 


Bongos are ideal for extra seating. Pictured in KingSuede™ Futuro in Chestnut, Chocolate and Palomino.


KingSuede™ Futuro - soft vegan suede fabric


Futuro is a supremely soft fabric crafted from woven microfiber utilising sophisticated Italian textile technology, which takes on a beautiful suede leather affect. Inspired by luxury sports car interiors, the double cloth weave construction provides lush density while delivering remarkable durability.  
Quick Facts: 47% polyester, 26.5% nylon, 26.5% polyurethane | Heavy Commercial 


Is Futuro right for you?



  • Luxuriously soft fabric with a textural brushed finish that gives a suede leather affect. 
  • Hard-wearing and durable. 
  • Great vegan alternative. 
  • Less costly than real suede leather. 
  • Easy to clean. 


  • Not real suede leather. 
  • Man-made yarn, not natural. 


Delta Sofa pictured in Roma leather in Tan.


Roma leather - entry level leather with sustainability benefits


Roma is a corrected grain leather, which means any imperfections or blemishes have been buffed out and a grain-look is embossed on over the top and sealed. Soft and robust, Roma retains its natural texture with a uniform, refined finish. Roma’s surface is treated with coloured pigments that add a protective layer to this hardworking classic leather. 
Quick Facts: Top-grain, corrected leather. Drum dyed. | 1.4mm thick | Made in Italy 

Is Roma right for you?



  • Classic look of leather with a hardwearing protective layer.  
  • Low maintenance, can be wiped clean. 
  • Ideal for high volume traffic areas. 
  • Made from animal hides that would otherwise go to landfill – great for conscious minded shoppers. 


  • Doesn’t offer a buttery soft leather feel. 
  • Only available on the Delta Sofa and selected leather accessories in our range. 
  • Not highly breathable, warmer to sit on. 
  • Waxier feel, not a natural grain. 


Crafted using high quality, solid, sustainably sourced American Timber, the Aspen Bar Stool features True Touch leather in Olive.


Which leather is best for your lifestyle?


Can leather furniture be protected from pets?


Having pets doesn’t always mix well with luxury household items. While it’s a good choice to opt for materials that are more durable, it’s worth keeping in mind that nothing is indestructible, and your choices don’t need to center around your pet.  

Different pets of course come with unique needs – there is a big difference between wondering ‘what if my cat scratches the sofa’ and knowing your pet will be sure to damage any furniture you purchase.  

Our advice is to find a balance between putting your needs first and choosing furniture and leather you love and deciding how much emphasis is placed on choosing a material to suit your pet needs. 

If you’re not sure if leather is right for you, you can read our leather versus fabric sofa article to learn more. 


What are the cleaning and maintenance needs for leather?


Knowing how to care for leather furniture is essential for keeping your leather looking its best. 

Leather is a natural product, and all leathers need to be moisturised.  

In terms of KING furniture leather care, we recommend conditioning your leather regularly. The frequency of conditioning will depend on your environment. If your leather is placed closed to heaters or under-floor heating it will require more regular moisturising than leather in cooler temperatures. 

In terms of cleaning, there are products designed especially for leather. Having a leather cleaning kit on hand is vital. Cleaning a fresh stain is easier to clean than an old one and can be the difference of whether a stain can be removed or not. We recommend you never clean your leather with household cleaners as they are likely to damage the leather surface.  

King-Care® cleaning and conditioning products are specially formulated for KING furniture leather care and will clean and protect to maximise the life of your leather. You can purchase a King-Care® Leather Care Kit online or from any KING Showroom. 


Should leather age or stretch?


It’s important to note that the neat and perfect look your leather furniture has on delivery is not designed to remain like this. A true connoisseurs’ leather ages beautifully and develops a refined patina over time. 

Leather stretches slightly and it’s completely normal to see some wrinkling once you start using your furniture. Bear in mind you can move into different seats and move around the position of your cushions to even out the process. The leather won’t keep stretching and soon settles in – that’s when your leather is going to start to develop the beautiful natural character it was designed to have.


Jasper is the pinnacle of Australian design. Featured in Prestige leather in Saddle. 


So, which KING leather is best for you?


There is nothing quite like the look of beautiful, timeless, quality leather furniture.  

KING only uses full grain and top-grain leather, as this is the best quality leather, but there is much more to consider when looking for a leather you love.  

To make the best decision for you, it’s important to consider: 

  • Where is your leather furniture going to be located? Will the item be used regularly in a main area of your home? Is it going in a children’s room?  
  • What furniture item do you want to cover in leather? Are you choosing your leather for a bedhead? A sofa in a high-traffic area? Each item has its own functions and intended use to consider. 
  • What are your unique lifestyle requirements? Every household is different. If you have pets and children or will be entertaining regularly you may wish to factor in durability and ease of cleaning the leather you choose. 

While all the pros and cons are helpful in making your choice, we also believe in choosing what you love and knowing you have the peace of mind to recover your furniture whenever you like. All KING furniture has removable covers that can easily be replaced.  

KING furniture is designed to last a lifetime and we want you to be happy with your choice not just today, but in the future.  

Find your nearest Showroom to experience the look and feel of leather in person, view the leather collection online now or learn more about leather care. 


Updated August 2022