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Introducing The Art of Living

07 Aug 2020 |  Design

Art of Living 2020

Derived from the essence of the Australian way of living, the art of living is rooted in a view of simplicity, authenticity and casual luxury.
The Art of Living is inspired by a new perspective on comfort. Where comfort is treated as an emotion, a state of mind and the connection to living authentically. It is derived from living simply without excess, extending to the objects and furniture we place in our homes. It is about buying once and buying well.
A commitment to longevity is fundamental to the King design philosophy. Over time as life changes, our furniture adapts and evolves with you.

Art of Living 2020


Introducing the King Outdoor

Timeless in design, innovative in its technicality

There is no reason why great design should stop in the living room. Inspired by the Australian outdoors, the King Outdoor collection pays homage to some of the most iconic King indoor designs, now making their way to the outdoors.

All King Furniture is built on engineered steel frames to support its Postureflex® systems and provide the ultimate flexibility and lasting personal comfort and longevity. Now this technology has seamlessly made its way into the outdoor collection, and with the addition of advanced weather resistant qualities, designed to endure harsh weather environments.

Unlike ordinary outdoor furniture, King Outdoor furniture integrates an additional waterproofing layer similar to high quality mountaineering apparel. King Outdoor cushions are designed to remain internally dry whilst remaining soft and breathable enough to provide the ultimate in outdoor comfort.

The King Outdoor collection is available in a range of new-generation Sunbrella® fabrics for a premium level of performance in the outdoors.

Discover the King Outdoor collection and experience the art of living.

Jasper II Outdoor

The iconic Jasper II has made its way into the great outdoors

Art of Living 2020

Make the most of the outdoors in comfort and style with the Jasper II Outdoor. Inspired by the award-winning Jasper II sofa, which exemplifies King Living’s commitment to producing sophisticated luxury in clever, versatile designs. The Jasper II Outdoor is the generous entertainer, easily rearranged and reconfigured to make the most of the sun, whether you are hosting guests or just relaxing by the pool.

Discover the most comfortable furniture under the sun.

Art of Living 2020

Zaza Outdoor

Uncompromising and unrivalled

Art of Living 2020

Introducing Zaza Outdoor, designed by award-winning Australian Designer Charles Wilson for King. The Zaza Outdoor is rooted in simplicity, where every detail has a timeless elegance and sense of purity. Experience the art of living with the outdoor Zaza.
Raising the benchmark in contemporary style and luxury, enticing deep seats and a relaxed feel add supreme comfort to the beautiful lines. Resting on elegant slender powder coated legs, Zaza’s exquisite organic design features adjustable arms and backs that allow you to personalise your comfort.
A harmonious expression of personality, design and innovation destined to become an iconic heirloom.

Art of Living 2020