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King Living wins four Good Design Awards

For five decades, King Living has consistently pushed the boundaries of what furniture can achieve. 

This year, the in-house design team’s commitment to excellence has been recognised with an impressive four awards at the 2023 Good Design Awards ceremony on September 8th 2023. 

The Good Design Awards is Australia’s oldest and most prestigious international awards for design and innovation and highlights the influence good design can have on everyday lives.  


Award-winning designs


This year the team took home awards for the Jasper Curve Sofa (20th Anniversary Edition), 1977 Sofa, Aura Sofa, and the Heirloom Dining Chair. 

Each design is completely unique, bringing new forms and innovation to the King Living Collection. 


Featuring the Jasper Curve Sofa in TrueTouch Mallee.


Jasper Curve Sofa


The Jasper Curve Sofa series is an adaption of the original Jasper Sofa - Australia's most awarded sofa, first released in 2003.

Released to celebrate Jasper's 20th Anniversary, the Jasper Curve Sofa series features a beautifully rounded curve module. 

Designed in partnership with King Living Design Development Manager Tanya Rechberger and Founder David King, the curved module brings impact to the original design while retaining unmatched comfort.   

Jasper Curve is a prime example of the King Living philosophy of continually evolving designs and improving, and part of what the Good Design Awards Jury loved most about this piece. 

“The Jasper Sofa 20th Anniversary Edition seamlessly blends into a myriad of home aesthetics, while also elevating the value and comfort of the beloved original sofa.” 

Shop the Jasper Curve Sofa. 


Featuring the 1977 Sofa in Leura Natural White.


1977 Sofa


Designed in partnership with King Living Senior Designer Sebastian Clarke and Founder David King, the 1977 Sofa is a classic reimagined.  

Building on the foundations of the very first King Living sofa crafted in the seventies, the contemporary design incorporates modern engineering while retaining the integrity of the classic silhouette.    

“The 1977 modular lounge exudes classic cool and is a beautiful update to the original Award Sofa.” shared the Good Design Awards Jury. 

“The Jury commend the design team on creating a timeless piece that has a modern and contemporary feel. A piece that will work well across any living situation and is testament to the high-quality design King has become known for.” 

Shop the 1977 Sofa. 


Featuring the Aura Sofa in Brunswick Deep Lagoon.


Aura Sofa


Beautifully curved and unique in its shape, the Aura Sofa is like no other King Living design.  

Led by King Living Designer Zara Fong, the Aura Sofa invites endless living options for evolving living spaces, which was recognised by Good Design Awards Jury. 

“Aura is more than a statement piece; it's a testament to the ingenuity of design where form meets function.” The Good Design Awards Jury shared.  

“Aura's versatility in storage is noteworthy, providing flexibility that meets the varying needs of users. Moreover, its transformative ability to alter into different seating configurations should be applauded. A beautifully-considered piece for our modern lifestyle that suits the needs of the transient small living local consumer.” 

Shop the Aura Sofa. 




Featuring the Heirloom Dining Chair in TrueTouch Wattle.


Heirloom Dining Chair


Defined by tailored elegance and a contemporary low profile, the Heirloom Dining Chair is designed for both style and ergonomic comfort. 

For the Good Design Awards Jury, the Heirloom Dining Chair was aptly named to suit its form and function. 

“Durable and timeless, the expert design of the Heirloom Dining Chair makes it truly worthy of its name. The Jury commends the design team for this outstanding project and for setting the bar for good design in this category. Well done.” 

The contemporary open-back design and low-lying silhouette is at home with any aesthetic and brings comfort for every special dining occasion.  
Shop the Heirloom Dining Chair. 


Pictured above is King Living Senior Designer Alinta Lim (left) and King Living Designer Zara Fong.


Multi-award-winning legacy


The King Living in-house design team are known for delivering exceptional design year after year, with countless award wins since the brand's inception in 1977. 

This win follows on from last year where the team took home awards for the King Cove Sun Lounge, Quay Dining Table and Kato Sofa. 

The King Living vision extends beyond mere aesthetics; it strives to express a more conscious, sustainable way of living.  

By inspiring balance and simplicity in the home through innovative design, King Living seeks to redefine the way people live, not only in Australia but globally. 

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