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Furniture warranties: Everything you should know

09 May 2022 |  Inspiration

Australia's multi award-winning sofa

Often wrapped in jargon, furniture warranties can be difficult to understand and confuse even the most seasoned shopper.  

So, let KING cut through the confusion and make furniture warranties easier to understand.   

As a furniture company that has been in business for almost five decades, KING has provided comprehensive furniture warranties to thousands of customers. We understand what customers want and need from their furniture and accompanying warranties. This is why KING offers a 25-year steel frame warranty on all indoor sofas. 

A warranty is a legal promise regarding the integrity of a product and the manufacturers' responsibility to repair or replace defective parts. If your furniture breaks or becomes unfit for its intended purpose within a specific timeframe, you are entitled to a replacement or repair. While this seems straightforward, furniture warranties often have conditions that specify the exact terms of a warranty, which can be confusing.  

If you are looking at buying some new furniture, you may be wondering: 

  • Does furniture have warranty? 
  • How long does a warranty last?  
  • What does furniture warranty cover?  
  • What is not covered under a warranty? 
  • What is meant by lifetime warranty? 

KING will answer your questions and cut through the misconceptions surrounding furniture warranties in this article. 


What does furniture warranty cover?

Australia's multi award-winning sofaThe Quay Dining Table features subtle curved edges and elegantly tapered legs.


Furniture warranties cover manufacturer defects. But, what exactly is a manufacturer's defect and is there anything not covered by the warranty?  

Some people believe furniture warranties will cover damage regardless of the circumstances. But a furniture warranty does not cover negligence, mishandling of the products, or general wear and tear. 

Furniture warranties also come with a specific period, which can be different for the various parts and materials. For example, KING offers a 25-year steel frame warranty on all indoor sofas, while other components of indoor products have a 15-year warranty according to a pro-rata schedule. 

An example of a manufacturing defect on a fabric sofa would be if the stitching unravelled within the first 12-months. This is something the furniture warranty would typically cover. On the other hand, a furniture warranty does not cover the pilling of the fabric. 

While pilling can be bothersome, it is not considered a fault or defect. Pilling occurs when the fibres in the fabric rub together. This friction causes the fibres to become loose and ball up.   

Pilling occurs on various fabric and material products, including garments, rugs, and mattresses. As a result, there are various tools available to help remove pilling from your material and fabric items. 

If springs or frame parts break within the warranty period, this is typically covered by the furniture warranty. However, the damage is also subject to an assessment. The warranty will not cover any damage caused by improper use, exceeding the weight limit, modifying the furniture, or inadequate maintenance. 

It is important to understand furniture warranties come with conditions that differ depending on the product and company. Reading these conditions and terms will help to understand what is and is not covered by your furniture warranty, which may also be referred to as a manufacturer's warranty. 


How do you evaluate a warranty?

Jasper IIThe Bellaire features a streamlined base and is topped with a luxurious bedhead, resting effortlessly on stylised legs. 


With so many rules and conditions detailing the specifics of each warranty, how do you evaluate if the warranty you are getting is worth the paper it is written on? 

The warranty a furniture company provides speaks volumes about the quality of the furniture and its expected longevity. When you buy furniture, the warranty it comes with should give you a level of confidence in the quality and durability of the product.  

While different products have different functions and durability, a company that is confident in what they craft and sell should back their designs and products with warranties that provide the customer with the best possible protection. 

The KING Warranty Plus program is designed to achieve precisely that.  

KING warranties include: 

  • 25-year steel frame warranty 
  • 10-year steel frame outdoor warranty 
  • 2-year manufacturing warranty on recliners 
  • 3-year extended manufacturing warranty on recliners (for an additional charge)
  • Commercial warranty 

What is meant by lifetime warranty?

While it would be easy to assume the more extended the warranty, the better the product, terms like 'lifetime guarantee' and 'lifetime warranty' can confuse things further.  

Many customers perceive a lifetime warranty as added value, but what are they actually getting and does this mean they can endlessly have their product replaced or repaired?  

Sadly, no. A lifetime warranty does not relate to the customers' lifetime or the period they own the product. Instead, it relates to the product's expected lifespan, which the company determines. 

There are no laws defining how long a 'lifetime' warranty must last, which means the manufacturer has complete control over determining its product's lifespan. For example, a company may determine its dining chair to have an expected lifespan of five years. Instead of providing a five-year warranty, the company could offer a lifetime warranty.  

Like all warranties, lifetime warranties are subject to conditions. 


Can a retailer sell furniture without any type of warranty? 

Jasper IIShowcasing materiality in its bold yet simple form, Monument is the perfect occasional table for both indoors and outdoors. 


In Australia, a retailer can sell furniture without any type of warranty. Warranties are not mandatory.  

While a warranty is a voluntary promise offered by the company or manufacturer, once you buy the product or service, the promise becomes a right that can be enforced under the Australian Consumer Law. 

Warranties differ from consumer guarantees, which automatically apply to the products and services you buy regardless of any warranties being offered or sold. Some companies may not offer a warranty, but instead allow you to buy an extended warranty, which comes at an additional charge. 

Consumer guarantees give consumers protection and ensure they are entitled to a repair, replacement, or refund if the product or service they purchased does not perform as expected or is faulty.  

 A warranty operates in addition to a consumer guarantee. 


How good is your furniture warranty?

Jasper IIEngineered for unsurpassed comfort and longevity, Kato comes with a 25-year steel frame warranty. 


With so many options and terms to consider, warranties can be confusing and difficult to understand. 

 The above information will help you evaluate whether the warranty you are being offered, or considering buying, is worthwhile. 

 The warranty will say a lot about how confident the company is in their furniture and its quality. Remember, warranties should indicate the quality and expected longevity of the furniture.  

For example, KING crafts furniture to last and this is backed by a 25-year steel frame warranty on all sofas. In addition, KING offers comprehensive warranty options to suit all the various materials, components and furniture pieces. 

We do this because we are confident in all our designs and believe in giving customers the best value and protection for their new KING furniture. 

This philosophy of giving unsurpassed value and protection to our customers extends beyond our products and warranties. Our post-purchase King Care® service is also designed to ensure your KING furniture maintains its looks, value and performance over the years.