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The Art of Simplicity

King explores the optimistic view of living with simplicity and the significant synergy that comes when function and comfort meet as one in our spaces.


King believes in the simplicity of living, where function and comfort come together naturally in a confident style that's both pared back and adventurous.
This season we are celebrating the extraordinary landscapes that have shaped the unique spirit of Australian design.

The art of simplicity pays homage to timeless design and invokes an easy-going attitude and practicality that is quintessentially Australian.

Timeless design that is quintessentially Australian

The ethos of simplicity is reflected in contemporary Australian architecture and design.
Uncomplicated beautiful design that easily fits into life, thoughtfully made using the best natural materials informs a part of the Australian essence.

To truly embody the Australian lifestyle of a fundamentally relaxed approach, a connection to
nature, an understated sense of ease, presented with a confident and modern approach.